Link Building Practices Post-Penguin

Tarun Gupta July 9th, 2013 Link Building no comments.

Link Building Practices

For an SEO agency, it is very important to look upon the link building in entirely different light post-penguin. The strategies their webmaster are doing business with are either becoming obsolete or under the stringent scrutiny of Google.


How To Plan A Working Link Building Strategy ?

Tarun Gupta August 31st, 2010 Link Building no comments.

Link building strategies nowadays are gaining much prominence since organizations keenly observe the benefits wrapped around the logic. A better link building strategy is focused towards achieving the specific link building goals. The strategies are very much helpful when it comes to gain overall brand awareness among the people and obtain increased targeted traffic.


Google Caffeine’s Take on Link Building

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With the coming of Google caffeine, it is obvious that the link builders would have to get more sincere and active so as to remain ahead of their competitors through valid means. Only relevant and quality links will be able to make their way in the results, leaving behind the irrelevant, easy link exchanges.


Link Building – Efforts that Count for You

Tarun Gupta August 20th, 2009 Link Building no comments.

Link exchange is a powerful marketing strategy but it is to be remembered that the links to your website should be from related sites and on topic. It doesn’t matter what type of links you are getting but links from high quality websites will help you to rank better and be more visible in the eyes of search engines.


Understanding the Impacts on Google Page Ranking System

Tarun Gupta September 12th, 2008 Link Building no comments.

Page Rank is basically a link analysis algorithm that assigns a numerical weight to a web page with the purpose of measuring its relative importance within the set. Page Rank elevates two things:- firstly, the number of links there are to a web page and secondly, the quality of links from other sites. Today's webmasters struggle hard to attain a better page rank, but have you ever thought as to how important is a page rank really? This piece of writing may help you to have a clear concept about the page rank and its worth.