Acronis All-in-One Data Backup Solutions

In association with Acronis, the leading cyber protection company, Brainpulse offers Managed Server Backup and Recovery Services to protect and secure clients’ business-critical data. At times when standard solutions turn ineffective, we offer best-in-breed server backup with enhanced cyber protection solutions that considerably reduce data loss and downtime and safeguard your business from advanced threats. Our collaboration with Acronis helps us to bring forth highly advanced backup solutions to protect data in case of cyberattacks, hardware failure, natural disaster, or human error.


Disintegrated or individual data backup solutions in an organization are expensive. They consume enough of your time, effort, and resources. Moreover, they lead to complexities, downtime, and cost overhead as well. In long run, these inefficient solutions face scalabilities issues too. This is why an organization needs to have in place a comprehensive backup solution that is built to address your company’s backup and recovery needs and overcome the upcoming. Acronis Backup & Recovery solutions are easy-to-deploy and ensure data availability for all workloads across cloud and other environments.

Managed Cloud Backup Solutions

Experience the dual power of backup capabilities and cyber protection in one place. Acronis features a centralized management interface that defines backup policies and protects more than 20 workload types. Here are the salient features of our solution that deliver comprehensive cyber protection to your client's robust IT infrastructure.

Multiple Device Backup

Achieve complete peace of mind with multiple device backup support. Take data backup on unlimited PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Data backup from external hard drives is also supported.

Online File Sync

Sync Files and folders in real-time across all the devices. Experience uninterrupted backup storage without affecting the backup storage limit. Rest assured your files are safe and easily accessible.

Backup Popular workloads

Acronis backup solutions are ideal for popular workloads like Mac, Windows, Linux, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Hyper-V, VMware, and much more. It makes the restoration of workloads much simpler.

Hybrid storage options

Leverage hybrid and durable storage options. Choose between Acronis-hosted storage and public clouds such as Microsoft Azure, or MSP local storage. Store backups in locally redundant storage or geo-redundant storage.

Continuous Data Protection

Offer your clients unmatched data protection and rapid recovery options. Cut the downtime and backup changes in real-time. Protect workloads, files, applications, and users from advanced threats to avoid losses.

Snapshots and Versioning

Get a historical view of data with Snapshots. Versioning lets you get the point-in-time recovery to ensure consistent protection against ransomware. Acronis retains up to 20+ previous versions of all files backed up.

Compliance Reporting

The data protection map and the automatic data classification feature track the protection status of important files, folders, and workstations. Compliance reporting alerts if the data and files are not protected.

Advanced Disaster Recovery

Acronis cloud immediately responds in case any disaster happens. It instantly takes charge and starts restoring the data. With features like orchestration, runbooks, and automatic failover, Acronis ensures immediate data availability.

Other Cloud backup Features:

  • Application cluster backup and restore
  • Advanced Security
  • Advanced Backup
  • Advanced Disaster Recovery
  • Advanced Email Security
  • Advanced File Sync and Share

Managed Server Backup Solutions:

Our Managed Backups services are the best-in-class managed solutions that offer ultimate and unmatched protection to your critical systems and data. We backup your mission-critical data both on-site and in a secure cloud location. These services are fully managed and supported by all hardware, software, and support.

Improved Recovery time objective (RTO)

Acronis’ managed backup solutions can significantly cut the downtime caused due to a disaster. With our solutions, it’s easier than ever to recover a file, a folder, or even a complete system. Recover all your lost data with just a few mouse clicks.

Enhanced Disaster Recovery

Our managed server backup solutions offer complete data protection and recovery against loss. The solution backs up all the data in minutes. It helps you to find and recover important data that may have been accidentally or maliciously deleted.

Ransomware protection

Acronis managed backup services offer complete protection against security threats and disasters. We have built-in advanced security software that sends out alerts if it detects ransomware. A point-in-Time rollback feature recovers the compromised system in case of a ransomware attack.

Why BrainPulse for Backup and Recovery Solutions?

At Brainpulse Technologies, we have a competent and dedicated team of data backup professionals. They offer comprehensive end-to-end data protection and disaster recovery support. With us, you can greatly minimize compliance-related risks and associated costs.

Fully Managed Data Recovery

Brainpulse offers world-class managed backup services backed by robust infrastructure. We work hard to keep your data safe and secure to give you complete peace of mind.

Onsite and Offsite Backups

Our backup plans can prevent data from adverse effects due to disasters. Brainpulse’s managed backup solutions are available both offsite and onsite.

Customizable Plans

Our backup plans are customized as per the scale, nature, and unique requirements of every business. Plans are flexible as per the industry needs.

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