Turn WhatsApp Conversations into Business Results

Skyrocket customer engagement with our WhatsApp communication platform built on WhatApp Business API . Grow your business reach by sending your target customers personalised communications, offers, and promotions on their preferred messaging platform. Reach an enormous audience, build strong relationships with customers, and increase sales. It has never been so easy to engage customers with personalised communication.

  • Send reminders, alerts, and notifications
  • Deliver promotional offers, deals, and discounts
  • Re-engage prospects and get rid of cart abandonment
  • Handle repetitive customer inquiries with chatbots
Whatsapp Marketing

The all-in-one WhatsApp Communication Platform

Empower your marketing, sales, and customer service with our WhatsApp Business Solution. Create conversational experiences that ensure measurable results.


Promote your products, services, and offers to your target audience at scale using WhatsApp. Entice and engage them with irresistible deals to grow sales.

Customer Support Helpdesk

Accelerate your customer support via a business API powered unified multi-agent dashboard. Create conversational experiences that bring measurable business results.


Reignite the lost communication. Noticed an abandoned cart? Send custom notifications to customers reminding them to complete transactions.

Business API Platform Features That Best Fit Your Messaging Needs

WhatsApp Business API opens up an array of possibilities in terms of how businesses will be able to communicate within their business ecosystem. The possibilities with Whatsapp API for Business open up many folds as businesses can now integerate Whatsapp into their business and manage client communication more effectively.
Unlike text-based messaging, Whatsapp business API powered marketing solutions offer several striking features that elevate the level of messaging and customer engagement.



The platform allows you to reach out to your target customers using rich media formats. Let's imagine, you want to send a new year greeting or the images of your new product launched to your clients.

  • Send rich text messages to the clients
  • Text, Images, Videos, Audio, vCards supported
  • Open up more ways to connect
  • Provide a delightful and memorable experiences.


Businesses have a need to constantly update their clients and vendors about their business updates. Showcase products, display your services, engage your audience and stay them updated about everything.

  • Create of broadcast lists from contact lists
  • Repeatedly send broadcast messages to audience.
  • No more hassles of having to select a contact each time


While reaching out to your customer as a brand it’s important that you look authentic. Your marketing campaign will gain more traction if it’s sent out using a verified business profile.

  • Establish a formal business presence on WhatsApp
  • Business profile includes your address, business description, email address, and website.
  • Give your brand brand an identity and gain loyalty
  • Connect with your potential customers with confidence


As WhatsApp allows rich media messaging, you can utilize it to promote your products among your contacts that could be your potential buyers later.

  • Showcase and share products and services with customers
  • Create a beautiful product collage or catalog
  • Display product images with relevant details
  • Promote products with enticing product images and effective description.


Don’t leave your recipients waiting for your response for longer. WhatsApp for business lets you utilize its Quick replies feature for sending frequent messages to answer common questions.

  • Create and save messages you frequently send to your recipients
  • Stop typing redundant messages frequently
  • Enable users to reply to contacts with saved messages
  • Simply press the “/” on your keyboard to select a quick reply and send


Welcome new users onboard with interactive greetings messages. WhatsApp for business allows you to create a greeting message that triggers automatically when users initiate communication with your company or after 14 days of inactivity.

  • Triggers automatically when users initiate communication
  • Send instant welcome message
  • Introduce your company to new potential customers
  • Build trust and earn loyality

Our Business API Based Solutions

Chatbot Development

Our WhatsApp Chatbots (Powered by WhatsApp API) uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to learn more about and respond to queries. With major improvements in AI and Machine Learning, WhatsApp bots have become the next big thing used by enterprises for enhancing user experience.

Business API Development

Our developers develop advanced WhatsApp chat APIs to create structural and NLP chatbots that they can integrate with business systems such as CRM, ERP, or a website. With seamless WhatsApp Business API integration, you can send transactional messages, run marketing campaigns and provide customer support via AI chatbots.

Customer Support Helpdesk

Our WhatsApp-based customer support helpdesk software makes your customer service & support quick and convenient.It lets you access your past customer interactions and incorporates all essential customer support helpdesk features so that you can talk to your customers wherever they are.

WhatsApp Business API Based Communication Platform- Use Cases

Promoting your brand through WhatsApp communication platform helps you reach a massive audience base. Send message broadcasts and custom notifications using WhatsApp business API based communication platform to share news, promotional offers, Events, Product Launches with your existing and potential customers.

The discussion on this page with respect to WhatsApp for Business platform is for information purposes only. BrainPulse is not associated with WhatsApp Inc. in any manner and does not promote, encourages, or offers marketing services on WhatsApp or related messaging platform / software for sending unsolicited automated bulk messages.

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