PPC Management Methodology

We use a tested and results-driven PPC methodology that our PPC experts formulated to execute successful PPC campaigns. We place-in customized pay-per-click strategy for every individual client we serve. We understand that clients have their own business requirements, thus design unique Pay per click management services and strategies to let clients reap the maximum possible business benefits.

The very unique and fully optimized PPC process we follow puts complete focus on precise management of thousands of goal-oriented keywords at one place. Here we place tightly themed the keywords in Ad Groups which entice visitors to visit highly relevant landing pages. Our proven PPC management methodology binds following components together.

PHASE 1 : PPC Account Creation And Setup

One we end up with up a solid bid management strategy, we start setting up the PPC account for the campaign. Our PPC experts here go ahead with certain well-defined activities backed with proven PPC practices. The account creation and setup process comprise following activities:

Ad-copy Creation:

We create an effective ad-copy with possible call-to-action. While creating the copy we evaluate a number of factors such as target demographics, existing brand equity and other unique selling points. We create more than one ad-copy for the ad campaign and execute it to analyze the different dynamics. Based on the results we make the relevant ad copies with relevant changes.

Landing Page Creation:

As a responsible PPC management company, we spend a good amount of effort and energy to deliver PPC traffic using the most relevant content. That is why we develop sales-focused landing pages deliberately designed to avail huge PPC traffic.

Keyword Stemming:

Using industry leading innovative tools, categorize tail keywords containing the seed keyword. The process is meant to create an ad group structure where all of the keywords must contain the seed keyword.

PHASE 2 : PPC Bid Management

Our PPC professionals prepare a performance metrics and start optimizing the campaign accordingly and accurately. Our KPI metrics test analyze and refine CPA, Acquisition, Conversion, CTR and Impressions. The all-inclusive PPC Bid Management covers a number of below listed activities vital to the campaign.

PHASE 3 : Campaign Optimization And Testing

In order to achieve the the best results out of your campaign, campaign optimization is essential. While campaign optimization, first we analyze the campaign for further improvement and take appropriate steps to take the optimization further. With campaign optimization we directly focus on key factors such as CTR and average CPC. The campaign optimization process includes following activities at the core:

Adding Negative Keywords:

We add negative keywords to enhance the quality of the traffic on the campaign landing page. They received in this way will be of greater importance due to its relevancy.

Add / Remove Broad Matches:

Time and again we add or remove broad matches when and where the need arises. Using broad match we ensure all your ads appear for all the keywords used.

PHASE 4 : Campaign Tracking & Reporting :

At BrainPulse we understand that every campaign needs to follow a solid reporting mechanism for better campaign management and evaluation. Our PPC management tracking and reporting process monitors your campaign effectively to offer you complete visibility on the paid search spectrum. Our reporting process contains the below listed activities :

Our PPC management methodology are the finest blend of PPC strategies, PPC standards and PPC activities. We ensure you the best results with our proven PPC campaigns. To know more about our PPC Solutions, get in touch with our PPC experts Now.

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