Whatsapp Business ApWhatsApp is the most popular and widely used messaging platform. It enables users to engage in one-to-one personal communication with friends and relatives. With billions of registered users and millions of daily active users, Whatsapp can be a great tool to engage in marketing activities. Unfortunately, Whatsapp doesn’t allow commercial use of the platform in any manner. That means you can’t use regular whatsapp to send unsolicited or bulk sales and marketing promotions. You can instead use WhatsApp business for bulk marketing purposes under set guidelines from the platform. This is an official business app from WhatsApp for marketers.

Why is Whatsapp turning out to be a great business tool?

If you’re a very small business or an individual marketer, you can use standard WhatsApp to send promotional messages, broadcast announcements and provide customer support. But this should be done in limited capacity and without violating the company’s terms of service.

It’s Cross Platform

Both WhatsApp and WhatsApp business are cross-platform apps. That means they can be used across devices. You can install and use either app irrespective of the mobility platform you’re using.

Create Broadcast Lists

WIth both WhatsApp and Whatsapp you can create a broadcast list. This is an exclusive list of contacts you can broadcast your messages to. The only difference is in the number of contacts to be added in the list. You can shoot text messages, video messages, v-cards and promotional offers to the contacts in the list. It can spike up engagement and bring new customers.

Group Chats

Being a small company or a group of freelancers working from home, you can utilize group chats. The feature is quite handy for project discussions, progress meetings and brainstorming sessions. They are also very helpful while you’re performing market studies prior to a service or product launch.

No Cost Incurred

The beauty of WhatsApp is that it’s free to use. This means you don't need to pay a penny to exchange media rich messages on this platform. The only expense is the data charges incurred on exchanging messages. This means, without paying hefty charges you can promote your business or share across your promotions. WhatsApp business though asks for certain charges for message exchange. But the features it provides for the price are great. Both for the users and small time marketers, WhatsApp is an awesome platform.

Engage with Voice Calls for Free

With WhatsApp, you can make voice calls using its built-in voice call feature. The feature is handy in case you want to make sales calls or want to offer customer support through phone calls. Now you can respond right away if someone requests more information on your products and services. If used diligently, you can use Whatsapp to send offers and promotions sent directly to relevant customers via rich media messages. There are multiple reasons why marketers can use WhatsApp to promote their business.

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