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Lead GenerationHighly qualified leads means more sales and better business. BrainPulse is an experienced digital marketing company and has been focusing on lead generation as a service for over 8 years now. Our core expertise lies in the approach that we follow during our process of generating leads via our marketing campaigns. We use right brand communication strategies to target the right audience to get the job done.

Lead Generation Using Right Mediums

After deciding your target buyers and the most preferred brand communication method, we select the right medium to reach your audience. We employ only reliable, highly targeted traffic sources to funnel visitors to your website or landing page. We at BrainPulse, use a variety of media formats for our lead creation campaigns, to achieve faster results for your business. Some of the lead generation services mediums are:

Contextual Advertising:

Highly effective paid advertisement medium to reach the target buyers. Our PPC experts prepare campaigns backed with proper landing pages, comprehensive keywords and a strong lead generation form.

Social Media Marketing:

We leverage every social channel where your target buyers are roaming around. To achieve this, we create contextually relevant content for each social media channel that includes product useful blogs, product information and how-to / tutorials. It brings your audience back to your website.

E- Mail Marketing:

Our e-mail marketing experts create product / service specific mailers and send it out to your target buyers. The mailers comprise lucrative promotional pitch that your buyers couldn't resist.

WhatsApp Marketing:

Marketing using WhatsApp is the quickest way to contact your buyers. To do so, we create effective messages in all formats (Text / Audio / Video / vCard ) and send it to a huge segment of the potential customers.

SMS Marketing

Using text messages, we reach out to a huge segment of audience who could be your next buyers. Our experts create compelling promotional messages that create a connect with your audience.

Lead Generation Using Right Brand Communication

Creating the right brand communication is the key to the success for any lead generation campaign. Our Brand communication experts understand and analyze the campaign and create effective campaign designs in the variable formats, depending on the nature of campaign mediums. The major brand communication modes we use are:

Landing Pages:

Our experts create landing pages rich with compelling content, innovative images and contact form. Pages are specifically designed for each campaign with a clear call to action.

Ad Banners:

Through our professional looking ad banners we convey the complete campaign message to your audience.

Direct Emailers:

We shoot effective mailers to your audience comprising the quick details of your services and its direct benefits to them.


We create small Video clips around your service and publish it on different video streamingchannels for increased exposure.

Text Ads:

Our experts create text ads comprising the key business message. These ads are made to capture audience attention quickly.

Lead Generation Using Target Audience

Success of a lead generation campaign depends upon its target audience. Our experts analyze which leads are right for your products/services. They explore the highly targeted consumers you can aim at. Your target buyers are those who will be interested in buying from you. For us, audience targeting is something like focusing your investment and brand message to the people who is more likely to buy from you. This is the affordable, efficient, and effective way to get to your potential clients and generate huge business.

We follow a very systematic approach to gather, consolidate, and process consumer data to find potential buyers for your service.

Our audience targeting helps to save resources. Thus, we only target that segment of people who might be interested in your products / services. It will allow you to initiate a better communication and ensure effective engagement with them.

Lead Generation software

Brainpulse has a lead distribution system via a web portal, but we also help organization manage leads through our lead management software. It is a powerful tool to help businesses manage the entire sales lead funnel.

Our Lead Generation services is a pay as you go model for businesses, who don't have a good online presence and need a head start in marketing their products and services. At BrainPulse, we understand that a business can not wait for 6-9 months, before their website starts to rank well on the search engine and the website gets organic search traffic. Our innovative lead generation services have come to the rescue to help you market your products and services on the Internet from the very first day.

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Don't wait any more. Let our lead generation experts bring those prospects who are ready to buy your products / services. Why to waste your efforts and energy of your sales team when we are here. Allow us to secure engaging qualified leads for you. You just relax and spend more time retaining your best customers. Call our Business Development Team at 0120-6790400. One of our business representatives will get in touch with you.

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