Whatsapp The basic difference between regular Whatsapp and Whatsapp for business app lies in the purpose they serve. WhatsApp is strictly limited to personal communication with friends, family and kin without involving any commercial or marketing intent. On the contrary, Whatsapp for Business is specially designed for marketers who want to interact with customers and promote products and services via this platform. Even people used to utilize Whatsapp earlier for sending commercial messages but in limited capacity.

WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business: How to Distinguish?

Now with the WhatsApp for business app, it has become easier to run full fledged marketing campaigns without violating WhatsApp terms of service. It’s easy to distinguish between WhatsApp and WhatsApp for Business. The post compares both the apps to find out what are the key differences between the two.

1. Difference in Respective Logos:

It’s obvious. We can find the difference between two by their respective logos. WhatsApp has a simple WhatsApp icon whereas Business app has character B sitting inside the WhatsApp icon.

2. Difference in the Chat Notifications:

Unlike WhatsApp, WhatsApp business app notifies that a message is coming from a business account inside the chat. The app sends a notification stating that the conversation is taking place with a business account.

3. Difference in Profile details:

Unlike regular WhatsApp, you can create a detailed and proper business profile. The information you add in the profile include business address, description, working hours, and company location. You can also include multiple websites and email addresses in your business profile. It helps your customers access your business details quickly and contact you when need arises.

4. WhatsApp doesn’t offer Quick Replies, WhatsApp Business Does:

This is another significant difference between the two messaging apps. WhatsApp Business is equipped with Quick Reply feature. It’s a Quick Reply tool that sends predefined reply templates for frequently asked questions. The Feature is not available with regular WhatsApp platform.

5. Greeting Messages:

Whasapp business lets you welcome your customer with warm greetings. The message is sent to every new customer and to those customers as well who are inactive for about two weeks. The feature is not available with regular whatsapp.

6. Labels to Organize Messages:

You don’t have a way to arrange messages and chats in WhatsApp. But that’s not the case with the latter. WhatsApp business, on the other hand, comes with the Label feature that lets users add labels to chats and conversation. You can label messages to identify new order, payment received, payment pending and order completed, etc.


If you own a business, Whatsapp business app is a must-have app for you. It is feature loaded and comes free. If you haven't yet moved to the business app, switch to it now. The app will help you grow your business in several ways. WhatsApp app is limited in features and prohibits any kind of commercial or bulk messaging.


WhatsApp business is a platform that provides marketers a way to connect their customers and communicate with them. Unlike WhatsApp, Whatsapp Business is specially designed to help small businesses run their promotions, marketing and customer support initiatives without getting banned. The app comes packed with several functions and features that make the communication between business and customer an easy going affair.

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