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Youtube marketing servicesWith 3 billion video views a day, 72 hours of footage every minute and 500 hours of videos uploaded per minute, YouTube can bring plethora of opportunities for your online business. The platform boasts of its billion daily active users who could be your potential customers. To accomplish your video marketing and promotion objectives, our YouTube marketing services in India can help at scale. Our proven marketing strategies can help brands to showcase their product / service videos to a huge audience base on this platform and achieve top search rankings for their videos in Google and YouTube search. Don’t rely on any other agency if marketing of YouTube videos is on your mind. Trust Brainpulse for YouTube marketing and promotion services.


YouTube videos are a sure short medium to build a distinct brand identity and keep competition at bay. YouTube is far beyond an entertainment and video streaming platform. With right efforts and creative YouTube marketing and promotion campaigns, small businesses can unleash tons of untapped business opportunities. Whether it’s a user guide, a product review or a training video, videos can easily and effectively grab user attention. Here are many ways YouTube videos can help business in their marketing endeavors.

Product Advertising

Being the largest video search engine second to Google, YouTube videos bring massive advertising opportunities for business. If you have just launched a product or upgraded an existing one, tell your audience about it by creating a bunch of informative and entertaining videos. This way you can expand your product reach to hundreds of millions of your potential customers.

Customer Communication

Besides directly connecting with your prospect using posted product videos, you can also engage with them using YouTube comment. Once your prospects finish watching your video, they may head to the comment box for opinion, feedback or further questions. It’s an opportunity to provide your prospects an effective customer support by offering prompt responses.

Asking Feedback

Your customers may have grievance to sort out. There are cases when customers are in receipt of faulty products or not really happy with the level of services you offered. They have every right to raise a dispute or complaint via YouTube. Smart marketers should actively act on these complaints to appease and pacify disgruntled customers before it’s too late.


Our YouTube marketing experts create all type of videos for your YouTube channel as per your business vertical and exact audience engagement business. From brainstorming the content idea to analyze your audience and from finding the right keywords to creating a solid video script, our YouTube Video marketing and promotion experts do it all for you. Here are the different types of videos that we create for your brand. If you need any other kind of promotional or educational video, do tell us.


How To Guides

How to videos help users learn about using something or doing something that they are not aware of. These are entertaining learning videos filled with both visual and auditory learning experiences.

Product Reviews

Product review videos provide a thorough explanation about of a product along with its pros & cons. These videos are really helpful for user in making right purchase decisions if he is interested in buying the product.

Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos show unpacking of high tech consumer products where the reviewer unboxes the product from scratch with complete demonstration. The video is captured and uploaded on YouTube.

Educational Videos

Educational videos are those that educate and inspire. They influence people’s thought process by making learning fun via YouTube. Such videos are equally popular among learners of all the age groups.

Video Game Walkthroughs

Video game walkthroughs are meant to enhance a player's skill within a particular video game. These YouTube videos help players in completing challenges and tournaments in particular game titles.

Fan Videos

Fan videos or commentaries are made to throw speculations or firsthand reviews on your favorite TV show, movie or books. Many YouTubers use these videos to provide live commentary about their favorite events.


A comprehensive YouTube marketing strategy consumes time and efforts. Throughout, you have to consistently work on planning, creation, editing, marketing, and analyzing your video content on a regular basis. Before launching a campaign, you must be clear about brand’s goals. Only an effective strategy for video marketing and YouTube promotion can ensure engaging and shareable content for your growing audience. Our YouTube video marketing is a comprehensive and step-by-step process that drives more traffic to your YouTube channel and maximizes video views.

1. YouTube Video Creation

We start the campaign by creating relevant and persuasive videos content to be published on your YouTube channel. Our YouTube marketing experts create videos after analyzing your business needs and audience segments you are targeting. The video content we produce is off course of HD quality and prepared and designed by our experienced script writers. If required or requested our voice over artists give playback voice to the video content to make it highly effective and more professional. These videos include relevant pictures of your product/service/website and royalty free music.

2. YouTube Video Optimization

Once video content is prepared and approved, we start optimizing it as per Google’s standards. To serve the purpose we have a team of YouTube SEO experts who optimize video elements such as titles, descriptions, tags and video subtitles etc. In addition, they also take care of logo, social icons, background and profile information to ensure your videos are presentable and engaging in all the aspects. YouTube Video SEO is entirely different from standard SEO. Several factors play role in ranking a video such as authority of your website and how your channel ranks for video-related queries.

3. YouTube Promotion

Our YouTube promotion services in India are designed to promote your videos on different platforms for maximum visibility and audience engagement. Our YouTube video promotion team shares the video on social networking websites, social bookmarking sites, podcast sites, article sites and blogging sites etc. We also take help of influencers to boost your video reach. These are the platforms where your targeted buyers are found searching engaging video content like yours. Our YouTube promotion brings direct benefits for your brand that includes increased traffic, improved video views and more advertising revenue.

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