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Account based marketing Brainpulse’s Account-based marketing (ABM) is a pro-active business marketing strategy where marketing teams use highly targeted as well as personalized campaigns to target a select group of accounts. The campaigns are designed to engage each account with a distinct marketing message crafted around the specific needs of the account. Instead of creating communications for a mass audience, our ABM strategy build content and craft experiences for particular people from particular accounts.

An ABM (Account Based Marketing)strategy can help businesses in many ways. It improves the overall ROI, increases conversions, generates more qualified leads, and drives higher revenue. Brainpulse helps B2B companies, businesses, and budding startups run ABM at scale. Unlike traditional marketing, our account-based marketing is focused on defined, account-specific objectives.

What is Account Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing is a B2B marketing strategy where a company’s sales and marketing teams work together to launch campaigns (through various communication channels) that target best-fit accounts and turn them into high-paying customers.

In high-competition business scenarios, it’s futile and resource-intensive to target a mass audience. Instead, companies that aim to generate the highest possible ROI focus their attention on high-value accounts. They personalize the buyer’s journey and tailor all content and communications to those specific accounts to ensure greater ROI.

In ABM, high-value accounts are identified and key stakeholders in these businesses are targeted. Thus, marketing strategies are implemented to appeal to their specific personas and business pain points.

Account-based Marketing (ABM) Communication Channels

Communication channels play a significant role in creating a sustainable ABM strategy. Marketing and sales teams coordinate together to measure existing marketing and communication channels and identify those best suited for personalized outreach campaigns. Following are the key communication channels being used to run account-based marketing campaigns:

Benefits of Account Based Marketing Services

An agile account-based marketing approach can boost revenue, optimize your efforts, and provide in-depth metrics to measure. Brands and companies that look forward to selling into large accounts and with large deal sizes, account-based marketing is the best method to go with. Following are the many benefits it brings in over other marketing approaches:

Align sales and marketing

The account-based marketing approach brings marketing and sales on the same page. They coordinate better and work on an integrated plan to identify target accounts and build customized campaigns for those high-value accounts and close the deals faster.

Personalized marketing approach

ABM focuses on hyper-personalized messaging campaigns for target accounts. The campaigns are specifically tailored around customers’ specific attributes, business needs, and their specific stage in the customer journey.

Clearer ROI

If compared to other marketing methods, ABM is more targeted and measurable and provides the highest ROI. ROI from an ABM approach is higher than traditional marketing initiatives along with a considerable drop in waste and risk.

Resource Optimization

Unlike other marketing methods, account based marketing service aims at investing time and resources in promising, high-value accounts. In such an approach, marketers devote their resources more efficiently on key accounts to drive the most revenue.

Better Reporting

Since ABM targets high-value accounts, analyzing the campaign performance is easier as there are far fewer metrics across email, ads, web, and events. When you know who your target audience is, account-based marketing is the best way to go.

Account Based Marketing Process

Businesses quite often miss their business objectives and revenue forecasts due to a widespread focus. Brainpulse’s Account-Based Marketing solutions reduce this challenge. We help your sales and marketing teams to focus on a set goal, target specific accounts, and plan the right content campaigns. With our AI-based B2B solutions, we make sure that you reach, engage & convert and beat revenue expectations.

Our Account-based marketing process creates the foundation of your marketing program. Here is how it goes:

Identify Target Accounts

By using the right tool stack and technology, we identify, target, and manage high-value accounts that are likely to buy from you. These accounts have the potential to contribute the most to your company’s revenue chart. During this phase, we identify target accounts that might include the right departments and the possible decision-makers within your company.

Create Right Messaging

Once the target accounts are defined, our team designs and runs highly personalized campaigns to deliver consistent messaging across each of your communication channels. We integrate all the communication channels to deliver highly targeted, unified, and cross-channel campaigns to your target accounts.

Measure Campaigns

our ABM strategy is fully measurable. Our reporting and analytics tools bring forth coherent quantifiable data that demonstrate success and recommend steps to improve over time. Our unified reporting dashboard helps you to see insights about specific accounts, programs, and targets. We analyze the available data to see how your campaigns are performing.

Why Brainpulse for Account-Based Marketing?

We are a 20+ years old digital marketing firm having impeccable experience in executing account-based marketing solutions for our clients across the geo-locations. We guarantee revenue growth, shorten sales cycles, and lower customer acquisition costs with customized ABM plans.

Certified ABM experts

We have a professional team of ABM specialists who take care of the strategy and implementation of Account-Based Marketing programs to accomplish your business objectives and exceed revenue expectations.

Access to the best tools

Our industry-leading automation and analytics tools ensure that the campaign is moving in the right direction. These tools help our ABM teams with measurable insights for highly successful marketing campaigns.

Dedicated Teams

We assign one dedicated team of marketers for each project. Our dedicated teams have senior consultants that plan, create and run the campaigns and activities based on an account’s specific business needs.

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