Sales Funnel Management Services

sales funnel management servicesBrainpulse’s Sales Funnel Management services help brands study their existing sales funnel to determine weaker stages in the sales process and forecast sales and conversions correctly. Our in-house lead management team takes advantage of various methods and tools to properly manage your sales/lead funnel in order to maximize conversions and guide your best prospects from first contact to the close. Our sales funnel management ultimately helps you to measure, manage, forecast and improve your sales process so that you can close more deals.

Sales Funnel Fixes

Get live help from our sales pipeline management specialists to fix issues quickly. Get your business live and generating sales, faster than ever.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Let us help you optimize your sales funnel for more conversion. Our funnel ninjas can advise you on best practice that converts into leads.

Sales funnel Integrations

Want to integrate your existing CRM with sales funnel? Tell us. We can help you get your funnel connected to multiple services.

What is Sales Funnel or Sales Pipeline?

A well-managed sales funnel represents how a lead travels through the sales process in your company. It’s a visual representation of the progress of the leads towards their journey to become customers. A sales funnel helps your organization become more organized and enable you to gather more information regarding the sales process. It improves not only the amount of sales you generate but their quality and size.

A sales funnel is identical to an inverted pyramid where leads come into the system from the top. The funnel gets narrower as the ladies get qualified and finally converts into the leads who have become your customer. Overseeing this process of the customer journey through a sales funnel is ideally called a sales funnel management.

How Brainpulse’s Sales Funnel Management Helps?

Brainpulse’s sales funnel management services help organizations improve their sales funnel by helping them maximize the efficiency of their sales operations. Our effective funnel management strategies:

Our sales funnel management India gives you an idea how many prospects are there in each stage of your sales pipeline along with the conversion rates for each stage. Our team generally observes and then oversee 4 primary sales funnel metrics that need continuous monitoring. They are:

  1. Number of leads in funnel
  2. Average size of a lead in funnel
  3. Average lead lifetime
  4. Average lead close ratio
  5. Detailed reports about leads closing this month, daily revenue and sales stages

Brainpulse’s Sales Funnel Management Components:

Accurate sales funnel helps companies simplify and streamline their sales process and filter leads according to the level they are at. It enables them determine what to communicate to which lead and at what point.

1. Awareness Stage

This is the topmost part of your sales funnel. At this level, prospects are added to company’s sales pipeline through multiple communication channels including digital marketing, social media, advertising, email marketing and cold calling. How you make people aware of your business and attract them into the top of the funnel depends upon the efficiency and quality of your marketing and promotional campaigns.

2. Interest Stage

The second step of the funnel comprises the leads that have entered into your system by filling a form, visiting a web page, contacting your sales team or attending a webinar. These leads are generally qualified for moving into the next stage of the funnel as they have expressed an interest in your business and what you sell.

3. Opportunity Stage

In the third step, sales pipeline management experts get in touch with some qualified leads to give them assurance why the product/service makes sense for them. While some leads are in urgent need of service you offer, some might wait for some time. In this phase, you can communicate your qualifies leads about product fitment and price value.

4. Consideration Stage

In this stage, you have qualified leads who are almost convinced about your business and its benefits. They are ready to negotiate over price if their grievances about your offers get addressed rightly. This is an ultimate indication of your lead’s buying intent.

5. Customer Stage

This is the peak stage of your inverted funnel which consists of all the leads that have purchased your product/service.

Manage Your Sales Funnel Like PRO:

Want to revive your failing sales funnel? Brainpulse’s sales funnel management services are all you need. Our skilled sales team prioritizes, tracks, and monitors the deals in your pipeline. They help you with everything you need to manage deals as they come.

Don’t spoil your sales efforts. Get it constantly monitored and streamlined. Call our sales team at +91-8527795844 and ask our team about expert advice.

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