Group Marketing Services

Group Marketing ServicesOver the past couple of years social networks have transformed into a business platform for emerging businesses. They have managed to offer them a range of ways such as business pages and groups to promote their ventures. You would have familiar with pages but certainly the groups are the element yet to utilize in its best form. BrainPulse has already helped over 100+ online businesses in expanding their brand visibility using group marketing services on leading social media channels Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and MySpace.

Our Group Marketing Process:

The groups made on the social networks are a great place for members to connect, share and collaborate ideas. Social media groups lately have become the most effective marketing tool for online businesses. Group online marketing has indeed become the incredible tool to build your brand awareness among the like minded people and community. If you are still exploring the ways to leverage it, we are here to help. Our group marketing strategies give an easy way to create targeted communities around particular products to drive new sales. To put the things right, we follow a set of activities the way it should be.

Group Creation

Our social media team creates open group(s) on leading social networks Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and MySpace around your service to promote your business. While doing this we make sure all the group creation standards are met. All the groups are made and managed to unleash its full potential. We add many sections such as Recent News, Discussion Board, Photos, Links and Videos into the groups to involve more people into the conversation. We create user groups that are relevant to your business.

Group Exposure and Audience Engagement:

Once group(s) are created we start posting relevant and engaging posts related to your service. We manage to post news feed that invites maximum audience exposure. We ensure quality posts and no spam at all. Our engaging posts then bring in more readers and audience to your group. Mutual engagement happens to be the core of any marketing strategy. We therefore invite more people to engage in mutual interaction.

Group Marketing Services @ Brainpulse

It's high time to explore the massive potential of social marketing. You just decide and our social media marketing experts will take care of all the process. Count on the business advantages that our group marketing services is all set to offer you:

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