WhatsApp Business API Services

WhatsApp Business APIWhatsApp Business API is the primary requirement for developers to build WhatsApp chatbots, Multi agent WhatsApp based customer support system or any other service that functions within WhatsApp ecosystem. Business API for WhatsApp comes with a comprehensive WhatsApp business API Documentation that gives programmers programmatic access to entire WhatsApp ecosystem. Our developers develop advanced WhatsApp chat APIs to create structural and NLP chat bots that they can integrate with business systems such as CRM, ERP or a website. With seamless WhatsApp Business API integration, you can send transactional messages, run marketing campaigns and provide customer support via AI chatbots.

Why Setup WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business solution built using WhatsApp business API can help businesses contact connect with over 1.5 billion prospective users across 180
countries in a simple and secure way. The business applications made using WhatsApp API provides unmatched customer experience including real-time communications,
faster response times, and smarter grievance resolutions.

WhatsApp API is used to create WhatsApp based business applications that can help businesses connect with prospect new leads/customers/vendors. These API solutions are stable, secured and capable to manage multiple requests on a given official WhatsApp Number.

WhatsApp Business API

The channel built using WhatsApp business UPI only allows sending transactional messages on the basis of basis the user’s interaction with the merchant. Users can only able to begin with two-way messages if a chat is initiated with the brand. The channel doesn’t allow any kind of mass promotional messages, bulk emails or SMS.

WhatsApp for Business API lets brand create a delightfully rich multimedia communication channel where customers and prospects can connect to the brand at an enterprise level. The channel allows customers to talk to the merchants using the most popular cross-platform app WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Business API Applications / Solutions

Using official WhatsApp Business API, we develop a wide range of robust messaging solutions. Some of the best applications of these business solutions include-

Transactional Messages

Provide customers top notch experience by sending them alerts, notifications, order status and ticket confirmation etc. Keep your customers informed at every moment if they opt in for the communication.

One-to-One Customer Communications

Respond to your customer queries and address their pain points whenever they ask for it. Scale up your conversational support with automated responses, chatbots and quick replies.

Custom Integrations

Integrate WhatsApp to your mission critical business solutions viz. CRM and Shopify to interact your vendors and customers in real time. Be on the top of the customer journey right from the beginning.

Types of Messages Available

With WhatsApp API based messageing solutions you can send following types of messages:

Notification / Templated (Structured) Message:
WhatsApp Template messages are pre-approved message templates. They are meant to serve different kinds of outbound notifications such as delivery alerts and appointment reminders. Templated messages are the only way out if the user hasn’t responded to your message for more than 24 hours.
Session Messages:
Session messages are those messages that are sent and received in response to a user-initiated message. The session begins as soon user sends you a message, and lasts for 24 hours from the most recently received message.

WhatsApp Business API based Messaging Solutions: Features

Besides the benefits stated above, a standard web-based messaging application made using WhatsApp API integration offers businesses plenty of other business benefits as well. With WhatsApp Business API Integration with existing CRM, ERP, and other web solutions, programmers can build fully customizable messaging applications. The integration lets businesses reach their customers anytime and anywhere. Following are the key business benefits of a WhatsApp API based solution:-

Intuitive Interface

From replying to customers to receiving their feedback, its innovative centralized dashboard does it all. Tag responses and set automated replies.

Automated Responses

Worried about delayed response? API based messaging dashboard takes care of that. Just upload files and autoresponder will start responding to the recipients.

Smart automation

Track message status using real-time delivery and read receipts. Prioritize what’s important and instantly determine customer’s pain points.

Multi language Support

Have clients who don’t understand English? No worries. You can set autoreply in the preferred language your customers understand.

Multimedia Content

Want to send images, pdfs, audio or video clips through your ERP, CRM or Websites? WhatsApp API integration allows you to do so.

Trusted and Secure

Built using best in class security features to keep your security and privacy intact. Encrypted messaging as always.

WhatsApp Business API- Interactive Communication Automation

It’s a fact that there is no official WhatsApp API as of now and even the Facebook-owned company doesn’t have plans to launch one anytime soon. Yet there are companies and developers that are offering WhatsApp API Development and Integration services to the clients on –demand. These solutions offer quick customizations, scalability, technology updates & integrations whenever it’s required. Developers have total control over the solution and its functioning messaging SDK with full access to source code.

Disclaimer: BrainPulse does not offer WhatsApp marketing Services or any Whatsapp related messaging platform / software for sending messages.

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