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"They say it takes strong leadership to produce exceptional results, thankfully, we have it!"

Managing Director (Tarun Gupta)

Tarun Gupta, Managing Director, is the founder of BrainPulse Technologies Pvt Ltd. He plays a leading role in defining the company strategy and using advanced and innovative technology continuously to uphold its leadership in the IT industry.

With more than ten years of qualitative experience, having successfully executed some of the extremely challenging projects in the service industry, Mr. Tarun Gupta exhibits a proven management background and expertise to the business. He is committed to leading the organization in complete sync with high standards of integrity and accountability.

It is his confidence, conviction and enduring dedication that enforced the remarkable escalation of BrainPulse Technologies from a five-person operation to an over 140 employees organization. Today, with its dynamic and powerful force, the company is a well known name amongst the leading Internet solution providers, helping clients’ sites worldwide.


The BrainPulse Technologies workforce is an exceptional podium of diverse academic backgrounds fitting smoothly and working efficiently into the homogenous setup. Our highly productive team includes web designers, Creative content writers, web developers, smart sales executives, technical experts as well as internet marketing consultants to meticulously and strategically knit complex e-business solutions, customized according to the clients’ business requirements. All our team members are chosen after a scrupulous selection process and are consistently made to attend creditable training sessions to improve the quality of skills. Unsurprisingly, all these experts have impeccable presentation and communication skills.

SEO and Internet Marketing Team

We believe talent is essential to our success, and are proud to have some of the most talented and experienced SEO Experts in the industry. Possessing qualitative industry knowledge, our SEO team encompasses distinguished industry and technical SEO experts, affiliate marketing gurus, best web optimizers, intelligent and creative content writers, top ranking professionals and skilled search engine optimization consultants. Every project is planned, executed and implemented with utmost sincerity and dedication, making it a gratifying experience for everyone concerned.

Software Development Team

We have successfully built an intelligent team of developers who can serve all your Microsoft and Java-based applications and software development needs. These experts work collaboratively on every project and provide ultimate turnkey web solutions. BrainPulse web developers are totally professionals since they create need-based infallible structures through highly advanced technologies to bring out the most accurate representation of our client’s business needs for their web site. Deliverability of such high quality service in providing powerful solutions in the domestic and global market has ensured everlasting customer satisfaction.

Website Designing Team

Our entire team of designers engages highly experienced and skilled professionals from the IT industry. Every team member has proficient knowledge of all high-end graphics software and is efficient of handling diverse projects. Its expertise lies in creating web design and client side architecture along with smooth management of client interaction, project management and on-time delivery. In addition, the overall design of each project completely complies with W3C guidelines. With a distinctive attribute of unique visualization and best design skills, our team creates eye-catching and user-friendly web layouts.

Sales and Marketing Team

A completely committed sales executive is assigned to each of our clients for personalized, quick and effective customer care. Our executives possess quality knowledge about the intricacies of a website and contentedly guide our clients all through their campaign. In addition, minute by minute updates on the status of our online marketing and advertising efforts for their business enterprise are provided.

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