Data Security and Project Discretion

By being symbiotic in nature, it comes naturally in our work process to deploy proven security measures to safeguard all your data and information given to us. We believe in knitting lifetime relationships with our clients and thus, have built rigid enclosure of physical and information security. Moreover, whatever you have given to us, will always be secure and available to you around the clock.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) with Client

To pledge our commitment to security, we persuade all our clients to sign a mutual Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with us. The agreement is indeed the first step of our project management and it holds complete details about the following imperative points:

  • What and why it will be collected from client?
  • How we’ll be using it, along with its discretion?
  • In case of sharing, with whom it may be shared for legal and security issues etc.
  • Various levels of data loss and unauthorized alteration.

Data Security

Focusing the sensitivity and confidentiality of your Data and information, we have set high standards to sustain superior levels of security.

Regular check and internal control on safety of information

Non disclosure of data, work and process models of our clients
Restricted Access
Security firewalls are installed to prevent unauthorized access to the network. Only selected personnel are allowed to access important files, data and directories directly.
Disable all ports
To ensure complete security, all ports (USB, Serial, and Parallel) are disabled on PCs.( Only few personnel's have this facility enabled)
Random Checks on emails
To check what all information is moving out of our official mailbox beyond the permissible size (with or without attachments)
CDs, Pen-drives, and movable media are not allowed
No employee is allowed to get movable media into the office premises without the written permission from the management.

Physical Security

BrainPulse follows strict and exhaustive rounds of tests and interviews before hiring any employee. At the time of joining, they are made to sign a NDA, which ensures that they do not disclose any proprietary information directly or indirectly to anyone outside the project team or company, or use, copy, publish, summarize or remove such information from the company premises. We also ensure that:

  • Each and every employee is issued with an access card still there is a restricted access for each employee.
  • Visitors are issued with a visiting access card but they are not allowed beyond specific access points.
  • Stationed security guards are present all the time besides having a 24x7 surveillance system.

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