ecommerce seo

Amidst emerging craze of ecommerce seo, businesses are increasingly focusing on having their online portals active and optimized. If optimized well, a portal likely gets more web traffic, larger stream of revenue helps to funnel traffic to your most profitable pages. However, optimizing an ecommerce seo portal hasn't been that easy as earlier it was.

Email Marketing

You may have read through several of articles citing various ways of email marketing campaign optimization. The posts contain many tips on how to design beautiful emails. Most of the marketers get the basics right as they personalize the copy, make the call-to-action pop, segment your list, etc.

customer reviews

Unless your product or service get good user recommendations and customer reviews, you can't get required business benefits. For a business to flourish, customer reviews are important. It's an open fact that two third of online users make their shopping choices after reading positive or encouraging customer feedback about a product.


Unless you have your website indexed in search engines, you can't manage to get any real value out of it. Whenever you start a blog or website for any purpose, the first thing to ensure is that users find it easily. You can do it by getting it indexed in search engines. The question however is how to ensure Google indexing of your website quickly.

facebook ad management

You may have spent good budget on advertising via Facebook, but does that amount able to generate leads and sales. A Facebook ad campaign can only be successful if advertisers design ads and ad structure as per their recipients. If you think that your Facebook ads are not able to deliver discreet results.

website hacking

What happens when you suddenly realize that your website has been hacked and its data is on the verge of compromise. You may have spotted website hacking before as well and adopted measures to prevent it in future. It's always a weired experience to see an unknown admin controlling your site. If this is something constantly goes on, your website seems vulnerable to backdoor exploits.

email marketing

The Google patent is clearly an indication that inbox performance of emails may have a direct influence on how well a site performs in the search results. However, as the patent only can't be a determining factor, the existing theory of optimizing email marketing efforts remains the key.

image search

According to a Google representative, this ad unit is being introduced because people already use image search as a starting point for shopping. While doing image search, most of the potential consumers asks how can they know about the cost of the product and where they can be purchased from.