Advertisers can now look into the video campaign metrics in detail. The metric will show a range of parameters including views, impressions and view rate with reporting scorecards. Advertisers can now also make significant bid and budget adjustments in those campaigns.


having your own data center or colocation space should always be your first preference, investment crunch may force you to think otherwise. You may rent someone else's data center for locating your servers but not without proper planning, as you're housing your core infrastructure with someone else.


Sumant Singh
Bing Introduces New Mobile Friendliness Test Tool

Sumant Singh November 16th, 2015 Mobile Marketing 2 comments.


Bing has roped in its own mobile friendliness testing tool yesterday which will help webmasters to find whether a website is mobile friendly or not. The roll out hasn't come in hurry as Bing began preparing for it back in April.

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Email marketing is doing well, inhibiting greater opportunities for marketers and companies are seeing huge returns on their investment. The following points will prove email marketing a phenomenon, and a highly profitable method for earning ROI in 2016.


There are components that together bring about a winning pay-per-click campaign, and being the marketer, you must put them all in place. So, if you're setting up a pay-per-click campaign, here are a few sure-shot tips that can save you from losing the track.