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5 Types of SSL Certificates Your Website Needs

Tarun Gupta March 15th, 2017 Web Hosting no comments.

SSL Certificates

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is an encryption technology introduced by Netscape in the 1990s. The SSL creates an encrypted connection between your web server and your visitors' web browser. The connection ensures smooth transmission of private and confidential information without obstacles like data tampering, message forgery and data stealing.


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3 Ways You Can Ensure Cloud Server Stability

Tarun Gupta March 1st, 2017 Cloud Computing no comments.

Cloud Server Stability

Cloud computing has gained a magnificent success and now almost touched to a point of maturity. Organizations are now strongly relying on cloud servers to create different business models around its capabilities. Experts say that the Cloud models will continue to grow at a rapid pace. They believe that the budget spent on cloud expenditure will be significant in the near future and would be inching closer to a notable percentage of total IT spending.


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6 Ways to Keep Your WordPress Website / blog Safe

Tarun Gupta February 27th, 2017 Web Development no comments.

wordpress website safety

Hackers out there try to exploit and intrude into this most popular web platform WordPress time and again. It would be disastrous enough if cons even inject a single line of malicious code into any of the hundred files that up a whole website.


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6 Solid Reasons You Should Switch To Drupal 8

Tarun Gupta January 27th, 2017 Web Development no comments.

drupal 8

You can easily use Drupal 8. The platform makes authoring, configuration management, and upgrading quick and effective. The CMS platform is also offering translation services and immediately adapting for mobile devices. Listing here 6 of the most awesome reasons

Mobile Interstitials Penalty

It appears to be the final warning to the webmasters from Google. They got enough time to get into the sync with the intrusive interstitial guidelines. If you haven’t yet made changes to your website / web pages accordingly. The search giant hinted that starting from January 10th onward it will begin to devalue web pages in mobile search with intrusive interstitials.


Despite huge traffic, if you’re getting no business at all, there must be some bottlenecks that disrupt your sales funnel. Most of the websites fail to convert right traffic into business just because either issues are not addressed properly or owners are not sure how to handle them.


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10 Elements Your ECommerce Website Must Have

Tarun Gupta January 9th, 2017 Ecommerce no comments.

ecommerce websites

We have already seen portals launching several new features like 360-degree product reviews, dynamic product search and product filtering to enhance user experience. If you have plans to float an ecommerce website, there are few elements your website should have.


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Accelerated Mobile Pages Setup Guide For Blogs

Tarun Gupta January 2nd, 2017 Web Development 1 comment.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google’s AMP renders lightweight versions of existing mobile pages hosted on Google’s server. This results in visible boost to the loading speed of your mobile version of website. When AMP is implemented for your mobile website, its content pages start loading incredibly fast.