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AMP URLs Set To Change into New Non-Google URLs

Tarun Gupta December 7th, 2016 Mobile Marketing no comments.


It was an expected move as AMP URLs were frequently seen compromised by hackers and phishers in order to inject their malicious URLs. AMP URLs were in constant threat of hacking as it showed it was coming from a Google.com URL. In the new URL schema, Google is adding subdomains that will be similar to the existing site’s domain.

digital marketing

Over the years, online businesses have invested a considerable amount of budget and time to remain competitive in an increasingly digital economy. They leveraged a number of digital platforms for business promotion and became brilliantly successful in conveying the right message to the right consumer. As digital marketing is becoming more proactive with new and evolving techniques, marketers have to be alert enough to adjust as per the changing trends.

social media marketing

For digital marketers, social media is a vital tool that they use to engage customers and build relationship with prospects. These social platforms are now more than a podium to share posts, tweets and updates. If used tactically, social platforms can generate more leads and close more sales.


Tarun Gupta
Effective Ways To Manage Data Center Resources

Tarun Gupta November 16th, 2016 Web Hosting no comments.

data center

In a local environment, it's easy to manage resources. However, when resources are distributed in remote environments, constant monitoring is required to ensure smooth operations. Poor taming of resources or ineffective resource management could hit your allocated budget and expenses.

Mobile First Index

An official from Bing said that the company has no plans to roll out a Bing mobile first index. They will continue with desktop-first index. That means, Bing will continue to index the desktop version of a webpage, and not the mobile version of the page for fetching ranking signals.


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How To Keep Joomla Websites Safe From Hacking?

Tarun Gupta November 14th, 2016 Web Hosting no comments.

joomla website

Websites made using Joomla are easily modified and updated, and thousands of its plug-ins and modules help in adding more to sire's functionalities. Whatever the feature or enhancement you want to add, there is a plug-in available for.

youtube optimization

Statistics says that 100 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube, and the website receives over 5 billion views on a daily basis. This is the reason why businesses and Enterprise of all size and capacity strive to utilize this platform for getting more target audience. YouTube optimization is the only way to promote videos among your target audience.