Like me, every second paid marketer loves to see higher ppc conversion rates for their ppc campaigns. However, we may have different opinions on the strategies that bring the results. There are marketers who prefer employing small, incremental adjustments, whereas some others bat for bigger tweaks to transform campaigns completely.

data encryption

Encryption is a very straight forward process. You have a message, you encode it using a secret cipher, and only other people with the cipher can read it. Others who attempt to read it, just see garbage. Evidently, the main purpose of having encryption in place is to protect the confidentiality of digital data transmitted via the internet or other computer networks.

seo agency

Searching a right agency is indeed a tedious task, as there are a number of agencies that guarantee results. If you rely on them, you'll be at at higher risk for manual or algorithmic penalties by Google. Hiring full time experts is an expensive affair that requires addition resources to manage and monitor them.

Mobile Checkout Experience

To grab an entire new shopping experience, shoppers are transitioning to their mobile phones. To deliver consumers maximum buying and mobile checkout experience, merchants have started using mobile payment apps. Ambiguities in retail and merchant apps create chaos and discourage consumers to abort their transaction and leave.

Mobile Friendly Content

Mobile phones have conquered the human race, and they are here to stay. People are now using this amazing device for almost everything. For reading, texting, mailing, browsing and shopping, people have started using smartphones in every way possible.