PPC Campaign

Your PPC campaign strategy shouldn’t be limited to the above. Go deeper into research and find how to utilize your dollars on campaigns. Remember, Google AdWords could be an expensive investment if done without looking all its aspects. I don’t see any reason to invest money in any channel if the ROI isn’t there.

Improve Ranking Of Your Mobile Website

Google compelled business owners to take mobile route and deliver a user experience in sync with latest Google mobile friendly algorithm guidelines. Mobile friendliness is now a norm and an important ranking signal for the websites running online. At times, when Google is ruthlessly monitoring websites over its mobile friendly guidelines, you need to relook at your mobile SEO strategy.

Steps to Improve Website Safety

These are quick points to ponder that can help you dramatically increase the security of your website. Though, these steps alone won’t guarantee the complete safeguard against the hacks and attacks, they will indeed stop the vast majority of automated attacks, reducing your overall risk.

Optimize Online Product Catalogue

As people have opted to visit online shopping carts for buying the products they love, vendors have no option left but to keep their product catalogue visible and ready when buyers look for those products. Since your product catalogue showcases and lists your products to the target audience, it should be popped up on the top of the searches when buyers search for it.


At times, when digital is a lifeline, it’s must have an online presence. To expose your business to the outer world and gain more buyers, you need to launch your website without any further delay.Physical brick and mortar stores have their own limitations. They can cater to the customers within a certain periphery without offering them many choices to choose from. Here is where online websites can do wonders. They can expand your business reach quickly and can serve them even if they are out of your physical reach.

sms marketing

To get your audience engaged and then converted into a prospect, you need to be very focused about your SMS marketing strategy. This article illustrates some key points that you should adhere to while launching a SMS campaign. This is the only way to get your campaign delivered with better ROI.

Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Followers

You must have launched an amazing Facebook business page to promote your business. This is indeed great to expose your business among over a billion active monthly users on Facebook who could be your prospective customers. Following are some tested strategies that can help you in having a massive follower base on your FB business page.


Tarun Gupta
5 Types of SSL Certificates Your Website Needs

Tarun Gupta March 15th, 2017 Web Hosting no comments.

SSL Certificates

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is an encryption technology introduced by Netscape in the 1990s. The SSL creates an encrypted connection between your web server and your visitors' web browser. The connection ensures smooth transmission of private and confidential information without obstacles like data tampering, message forgery and data stealing.