Enterprise Data Backup Solutions

At Brainpulse, we are fully aware of how man-made or natural disasters can impact data-driven businesses. Our disaster recovery and data back solutions provide businesses the protection they need to keep crucial data protected and secure. Our customized data backup ensures complete protection and safeguard of the data from accidental and malicious data loss events. We offer tools and support necessary for data protection, backup creation, management, and storage. Let us keep your data secure and always available. You focus your attention and resources elsewhere. Our data backup and recovery services are a cost-effective, secure, one-click solution. The solution is fully scalable and built around your evolving data backup needs. It’s managed from a centralized interface and protects a wide range of enterprise workloads.


Types of Enterprise Data Backups

Our data recovery and backup solutions are ideal for any operating system, system, database, or application. We utilize industry-leading and advanced backup software to protect and safeguard mission-critical data center applications and dedicated servers. We offer all types of data backup via a fully scalable CNS(Central Network Storage) cluster and highly secured Ethernet connections.

Full backups

The full backup covers all other types of backup. It includes all the data in the folders and files that are needed to be backed up. Full backups lead to faster and simpler restore operations.

Incremental backups

In this, team backs up the data that is either recently added or has changed since the most recent backup run. It’s done in case the amount of data that has to be protected is too voluminous.

Differential backups

This backup includes the data that is new or has changed since the client has taken the last full backup. For instance, on Monday you back up only the files that changed since Sunday and so on.

Block Level Backups

In block-level backups, we upload only the changed parts of files instead of whole files using the snapshot technology. Precisely block level backup allows you to backup files that are currently in use.

Copy backup

Identical to full backup with the only difference that it doesn’t delete transaction log files after the backup. This can be carried out between normal and incremental backups.

Mirror backup

This is similar to the full backup. The only difference is that the files are not compressed into zip files. This can be carried out between normal and incremental backups.

FTP Backup :

Our user-friendly and tailored backup schedule for Dedicated server FTP includes

Self-Managed Backup :

Our self-managed back up feature also offer a number of advantages to the to the clients. Find some below.

Managed Storage Services :

Our disaster recovery experts know that storing the data on remote backup server is important in terms of business-critical files. Our managed storage services for dedicated servers are meant to provide intact security against disk crashes, viruses, theft and natural disasters which could cause data loss. Some of the standard utilities that we deliver with our Hard Drives include:

Why You Should Consider Us ?

Being one of the top most service providers of dedicated server hosting services across the industry verticals, we take every care of our clients' growing backup and disaster recovery concerns. A team of committed and expert dedicated server security and backup professionals work round the clock to address clients' data security issues. We highlight a number of reasons that surely will strike you to subscribe our services.

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