Web Hosting Acceptable Use Policy

The Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") is accepted as part of the Service Agreement ("Agreement") entered into by and between BrainPulse Hosting (the "Service Provider") India and any client that pays or agrees to pay for services (the "Subscriber").

Acceptable Use Policy

Violations of BrainPulse AUP

BrainPulse will, at its sole discretion, determine whether an act by the subscriber is a violation of the AUP. The points provided below is meant to serve as a guideline and is not a complete enumeration of activities that are prohibited.

The following acts will be considered violations of the Acceptable Use Policy:

Illegal Use of Hosting Services :

Acceptable Use Policy: Malicious Activities :

Acceptable Use Policy: Promotion of Illicit Activities

Unsolicited Bulk Electronic Mailing :

The Subscriber agrees to send bulk electronic mail only to those who have specifically requested to receive such mails and comply with all Federal, State, Local, and International laws governing the transmission of electronic mail.

Acceptable Use Policy: Spam Advertising and Related Activities

Abuse :

Acceptable Use Policy: Insufficiently-Secure Administration

Data Retention Policies

Backups are performed by BrainPulse as a courtesy to clients; however, all clients are advised to maintain own backups to be used in any eventuality. BrainPulse will not be deemed responsible for data or other loss resulting from the unavailability of backups.

Backups will not be retained for accounts that have been canceled, As cancellation requests are processed immediately, any required files from the affected account should be downloaded prior to the cancellation request.

Enforcement of Acceptable Use Policy:

The Service Provider reserves the right to monitor the use of the Service. Should the Service Provider determine, at its sole discretion, the Subscriber has committed any act which violates this AUP, the Service Provider reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate Service with or without notice to the Subscriber.

The Service Provider will send notification by e-mail to the contact e-mail address on file of the Subscriber in the event that an AUP violation which does not merit termination of Service is identified. Should the Subscriber fail to respond and take action to correct an AUP violation identified in a notification from the Service Provider, the Service provider shall suspend the Service until acknowledgment is received and apply a Service Suspension Fee in accordance with the AUP Fee Schedule.

The Subscriber agrees to pay all associated fees related to the suspension, termination, and reactivation of the Service.

Service Suspension

In the event that the Service is suspended, regular Service fees shall continue to accrue over the duration of time for which the Service is suspended.

Service Termination

In the event that the Service is terminated as a result of unacceptable use, a termination fee will be applied in accordance with the AUP's Fee Schedule.

Service Reinstatement

In the event that an account has been suspended three times for any AUP violation or terminated for any AUP violation, a Service Reinstatement Fee shall be applied in accordance with the AUP Fee Schedule and paid by the Subscriber before the Subscriber may acquire Service from the Service Provider.

Reporting Violations of AUP

If you believe you or your system was the subject of an attack originating from our network, contact us immediately. Our security response team will investigate all complaints received.

Revisions to AUP

The Service Provider reserves the right to change the AUP at any time, without prior notice.

Payment Policies Service Surrendering

Dedicated Servers / VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Dedicated server clients are required to inform 1 month prior to surrender of server to stop the monthly payment cycle. For example if you wish to decline the server for the month of January you are suppose to inform the billing / Accounts department by the 25th of December.

Shared Hosting

For shared hosting clients; as their packages run on annual billing cycle mode they are suppose to inform us 1 month prior to surrendering of the shared hosting account to avoid getting billed for the next year.

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