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Right strategy and planning is the key to a successful SEO campaign. Moreover, It’s also important to align an SEO strategy with ever-evolving Google algorithm updates. Campaigns need regular monitoring to ensure that they are moving into the right direction. Our SEO Consultants are the right resource that you can hire to manage your search engine optimization campaign from scratch to finish. Regardless of your SEO objectives, you can hire our professional SEO consultants to increase your business traffic and grow your revenue.

What Our Dedicated SEO Consultants Do?

Every online business wants to appear on the top three of the Google search results. The more a website ranks higher, the more visitor traffic it receives. At Brainpulse, we understand it than anyone else. To bring awesome results for our clients we tie together our two-decade-long SEO expertise and a team of apt SEO consultants. They make sure your website receives the targeted traffic and quality conversions it deserves.

Whether you need an individual SEO expert or a team of dedicated SEO professionals for your project, you can hire your virtual team who are trained from our state of SEO research lab from Brainpulse on your terms. They will work exactly as per your guidelines and existing SEO standards. You can monitor them 24x7 with exhaustive reports.

1. Goal Analysis

Before kicking off the SEO campaign, our consultants understand your business goals and milestones to achieve. Whether your main objective is to achieve organic ranking, increase website traffic, or grow sales, our search engine optimization professionals create a comprehensive plan that will meet the client’s needs.

2. Competitor Analysis

SEO consultants pose real competitive intelligence. They will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your rivals to improves all aspects of SEO. The process unearths the areas where your website needs an overhaul. Our consultants go the extra mile to have a complete understanding of everything your rivals are doing.

3. Website Audit

Our professional SEO consultants are well versed in the website audit process. They can discover discrepancies that may result in a drop in the website’s ranking and traffic. The audit assesses multiple things integral to the website health including navigation & URL structure, Sitemaps, content, user experience, and website speed.

4. Keyword Research

Keywords are the driving force behind higher rankings and massive organic traffic. Our SEO experts have a great understanding of keywords to focus on for proper optimization of the content pages. With deep keyword research, they identify search terms that have high search volume and can drive high visitor traffic to your website.

5. Backlink Analysis

Backlinks are building blocks of SEO that help in ranking. Our SEO consultants analyze your website’s backlink profile. The analysis helps to find good and bad external backlinks pointing to your website. Quality backlinks can increase the website authority and rankings but poor quality backlinks hurt it drastically.

6. SEO Reporting

Our SEO consultants generate various reports using Google Analytics to measure the website’s metrics. The analytical data is crucial as it provides deeper insights into website performance. They compare various reports to understand if the goals are met. They list possible pitfalls to fix and suggest adjustments to improve the site.

Hiring Process of our SEO Consultants

Hiring an individual SEO consultant or an entire SEO team from Brainpulse is like 1,2, and 3. We don’t believe in making things complex. Just connect with us and hire our best SEO talents for your upcoming and existing projects. Here is how it goes:


Requirement Gathering

Before sourcing the right SEO consultant for you, we patiently understand and analyze your business requirements, business objectives, and overall technology stack.


Talent Sourcing

After analyzing your business needs we start finding consultants that best fit your requirements. We interview and shortlist SEOs that have already worked in a similar niche.


SLA Documentation

Next, we meet to sign and exchange NDAs, and Service Level Agreements. The document comprises all the terms and conditions and other service related details.


Project Kick Off

You’re ready to rock. We will assign a dedicated SEO consultant who will start working on your projects from day one. He will submit regular progress reports o your discretion.

Our dedicated SEO consultants keep themselves updated with the latest SEO trends, tools and techniques. They analyze every aspect of the campaign and fix errors and issues as soon they appear. They work with a time bound actionable plan to get the results faster.

Brainpulse is a 22-year-old SEO company with a team of over 100+ SEO experts. They can help you in all aspects of search engine optimization (SEO audit reports, link building, and content marketing, etc.) to bring quality search traffic to your website and build your brand authority.

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