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Link Building Practices Post-Penguin

Tarun Gupta July 9th, 2013 Link Building no comments.

Link Building Practices

For an SEO agency, it is very important to look upon the link building in entirely different light post-penguin. The strategies their webmaster are doing business with are either becoming obsolete or under the stringent scrutiny of Google.


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How To Plan A Working Link Building Strategy ?

Tarun Gupta August 31st, 2010 Link Building no comments.


Link building strategies nowadays are gaining much prominence since organizations keenly observe the benefits wrapped around the logic. A better link building strategy is focused towards achieving the specific link building goals.


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Google Caffeine’s Take on Link Building

Tarun Gupta July 29th, 2010 Link Building no comments.


Caffeine, a new algorithm is the next generation search engine architecture by Google. Specifically designed to speed up the crawling pace, it will also imbue the indexing speed, based upon the element of relevance alone.


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Link Building – Efforts that Count for You

Tarun Gupta August 20th, 2009 Link Building no comments.


Web links often known as bonus points or scores that websites give one another can be obtained through several ways and the links are chiefly used for the purpose of boosting the search engine rankings and to heighten the popularity criteria of the website.


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Understanding the Impacts on Google Page Ranking System

Tarun Gupta September 12th, 2008 Link Building no comments.


PageRank depends on the uniquely democratic nature of the web that uses the vast link structure as an indicator of an individual’s page value. When one page links to another page, it effectively casts a vote for the other page.