8 seo elements

With ever evolving digital landscape, SEO has changed a lot. It’s now an entity that couldn’t deliver results on own, instead needs to mix with other digital strategies. The statement doesn’t necessarily downplay the might of SEO. Even today, it’s critical to your digital marketing mix.

Huge SEO Mistakes

There are times when your website rankings plummet and you don’t have any clue why it’s happening. It’s detrimental to find your focus keywords don’t exist in the search. There may be a fair chance that you’re still making those silly SEO mistakes most of the SEOs are prone to.

Best Content Formats

Though, polished and quality content is significant to any link outreach plan, content formats being used are also crucial. Different content formats approach audience differently. The quality and authority of the links that one content format generates may be different from the other.


Tarun Gupta
Launching a News Website? 5 SEO Takeaways

Tarun Gupta September 21st, 2018 Search Engine Optimization no comments.

news website seo

News based websites may have SEO requirements different from service websites that are already leading in the online space. The blog post articulates few important SEO best practices that you should apply to your news site so that it can help the bull’s eye.