google hummingbird update

With Google Hummingbird Update, brought in natural language processing. It helped search results to generate niche results for queries both at the head and long-tail level. As it majorly focused at user intent in a semantic manner, the algorithm allowed users the ability to confidently search for topics and sub-topics.

Google Panda Update

Google Panda update was Google’s revolutionary algorithm that aimed at weeding out low-quality, thin content in the search results and to boost unique and read worthy content. The algorithm, when launched, assigned pages a quality classification and was modeled after human quality ratings. Now, the Google panda update is a significant ranking factor.

google seo vs bing seo

Over the years, Google monopolized the way we (read webmasters and marketers) have assumed the search engines. Despite the fact that Bing and Yahoo together dominate 33.6 percent of the desktop search engine market share in the U.S. In certain industries, we fancied for Google and gradually lost the opportunities that we could have achieved by tapping Yahoo and Bing.


Tarun Gupta
Google Maps Q&A Feature: 6 Things to Know

Tarun Gupta September 11th, 2017 Search Engine Optimization no comments.

Google Maps FAQ

A fortnight ago, Google introduced a Q&A feature for its Google Maps listings. The feature was rolled out for mobile users that allowed users to ask a question about the place listed, or read the existing questions and answers about a place.

tabbed content

The best way to get tabbed content issue fixed is by removing tabbed content from the page. Create a well-structured and organized web page that enables Googlebot to effectively crawl every section of the page and index every single piece of content the page has. Run a test to check if it works.

Improve Ranking Of Your Mobile Website

Google compelled business owners to take mobile route and deliver a user experience in sync with latest Google mobile friendly algorithm guidelines. Mobile friendliness is now a norm and an important ranking signal for the websites running online. At times, when Google is ruthlessly monitoring websites over its mobile friendly guidelines, you need to relook at your mobile SEO strategy.