Google Penalty

Google is smart enough to detect spam, whether it’s been done around content or links. Though, Google algorithms consider links as the most important entity, they can smartly distinguish between genuine links and links that are stuffed for SEO reasons. Link spam may negatively impact your search rankings that can eventually tank your visitor traffic.

Google Algorithm Update

Mueller started by saying that Google’s algorithms mostly focus on relevance. He said if a website was affected by the update, it doesn’t really indicate that that site’s content is of low quality. He suggested that marketers should be requesting unbiased feedback from users about your website’s user experience and what should be done further to improve it.

SEO Monitoring and Keyword Tools

It’s important to go deeper into how Google sees your site, and this can be done only with the help of some great SEO tools. These tools help you align your SEO activities. More you will be in sync with your website metric, more efficiently you will be able to control your SEO efforts.