To take Amazon head-on, Google has announced a new umbrella program called ‘unified shopping program’. The program will help Google embrace its existing relationships with retailers further and will help the company rollout universal checkout across platforms and devices.


Your website’s structure impacts its search ranking considerably. Though, Google officially denies considering the superiority of one over the other while indexing and ranking the websites, webmasters show incremental evidence that one is superior in terms of SEO.

AMP Article Image Size

These proposed changes in image schema would likely to address the concerns related to the images that sometime appear too small for the screen used to view the AMP. Many users raised the issue with Google as images in the AMP article appeared ambiguous and blurred when opened on desktop as well as larger tablets.

post title vs H1

As I have already stated both SEO title and post title serve different purposes. A post title is meant for the users who are on your website and reading your post. It tells them what the post is all about what the topic / areas it’s going to cover. An SEO title, however, is meant for your target readers who are yet to throng on your website.

negative seo

Negative SEO comprises a set of black hat SEO activities that your competitors launch against you to tarnish your online reputation and bring down your search rankings. These black hat activities may include creating tons of unnatural / spammy links indicating to your site, content scraping, hacking the site. Following are the list of Negative SEO activities you should take note of.


Google’s voice search and digital assistants are now making things lot easier for customers searching for local businesses for buying products. It’s my apparent guess that year would bring more opportunities for marketers to boost their presence on local search engines.

Mobile First Indexing

“Mobile-First” literally indicates that now onward Google will be considering a mobile website as the primary version of your website. Therefore, if both of your websites (desktop and mobile) are you’ve optimized well and if you use responsive design, MFI won’t have any significant impact in terms of your site’s performance in search results.