google update

Last week, a slew of sudden ranking fluctuations sent webmasters in a tizzy. They spotted unusual fluctuations in their website rankings. As the clamor got visible, speculations around a fresh Google algorithm update started making rounds.

Google Algorithm Update

Mueller started by saying that Google’s algorithms mostly focus on relevance. He said if a website was affected by the update, it doesn’t really indicate that that site’s content is of low quality. He suggested that marketers should be requesting unbiased feedback from users about your website’s user experience and what should be done further to improve it.

SEO Monitoring and Keyword Tools

It’s important to go deeper into how Google sees your site, and this can be done only with the help of some great SEO tools. These tools help you align your SEO activities. More you will be in sync with your website metric, more efficiently you will be able to control your SEO efforts.


As the news is making rounds, Google has reiterated that only those websites are being migrated to Mobile First Indexing that follow its best practices. They added that websites that are using responsive web design or dynamic serving are best suited for mobile-first indexing. In case a website is using AMP and non-AMP versions of content, Google will prefer to index mobile versions of the non-AMP page.


To take Amazon head-on, Google has announced a new umbrella program called ‘unified shopping program’. The program will help Google embrace its existing relationships with retailers further and will help the company rollout universal checkout across platforms and devices.


Your website’s structure impacts its search ranking considerably. Though, Google officially denies considering the superiority of one over the other while indexing and ranking the websites, webmasters show incremental evidence that one is superior in terms of SEO.