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Complete Email Marketing Automation Guide

Tarun Gupta December 17th, 2016 Email Marketing 1 comment.

Email Marketing Automation

The best part of the email automation is that you need to set the email once based on a trigger defined. As more people continue to meet the trigger, the email will continue to be sent to them. Email marketing automation can help you even achieve more out of your campaign. Count on the ways you can engage in your audience using a beautifully automated email campaign.


Tarun Gupta
Ways To Build A Massive Email Subscribers List

Tarun Gupta November 4th, 2016 Email Marketing no comments.

email marketing

Unless you know the people who are interested in your service, your campaign will remain futile. Emailing unknown people put your campaign at the risk, as anonymous mails are mostly ended up in the junk folder.


If you've lately found that your mass-mailing campaign tanked, reason could be that you forgot to fine-tune your email marketing strategy. Despite that much of effort you put into your email marketing campaigns, if you aren’t getting open rates and click, you need to revisit your email marketing strategy.

email marketing

Marketers opt for different email marketing strategies to get the desired results. Which emailing strategy fits whom is debatable, but its relevance and significance is absolutely not. Being a marketer, I have tested email marketing in so many ways.

Email Marketing

You may have read through several of articles citing various ways of email marketing campaign optimization. The posts contain many tips on how to design beautiful emails. Most of the marketers get the basics right as they personalize the copy, make the call-to-action pop, segment your list, etc.

email marketing

The Google patent is clearly an indication that inbox performance of emails may have a direct influence on how well a site performs in the search results. However, as the patent only can't be a determining factor, the existing theory of optimizing email marketing efforts remains the key.

email deliverability

Email Deliverability services is the most beautiful experience that an email campaign can deliver. Deliverability of a campaign has a straight impact on email's open rate. If deliverability goes up, your ROI will surely see a jump. But achieving high deliverability rates in your email marketing campaigns is something that needs great effort.