Email Marketing
Despite businesses using several mediums to use for conversation, email marketing is still the powerful one. A 2018 data showed that email marketing is still the most effective marketing channel if compared with social media, SEO, and affiliate marketing. A study conducted in 2017 claimed 85% of adult internet users in the US used emails to communicate. Read on our in depth articles on email marketing campaign strategy, email marketing trends and automation best practices.

Campaign Strategy

Two email campaigns are never same. They need different levels of strategy, decision making, efforts and resources. The success rate of your campaign depends on how well you applied the strategy. Even a minute error could hit it badly. From launching to reporting, email campaigns need utmost care. Discover expert opinions on how to create a winnable Email marketing strategy in 2020.

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Email Marketing Trends

Our email marketing trends section incorporates some of the most visible insights. We have covered here emerging trends, challenges and opportunities for email marketers in 2020. Read on these well calculated trends and be able to empower your email campaigns for assured success.

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Email Automation

Automated email is also called triggered emails or behavior-driven emails. These are the emails that are sent automatically from your email service provider (ESP) in direct response to a user’s specific actions made.  In this section, we will dive deeper in to various aspects of email marketing automation and its impact on email marketing campaigns.

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