Instagram’s algorithm hadn’t been that complicated earlier, but was pretty straightforward. Years back when Instagram was in its infancy, its posts were ordered chronologically, regardless of the engagement. For example, if Tom posted a picture of his dinner date with his better half minutes after Jenny posted a picture of her decorated Christmas tree, Tom’s picture showed up first.

video marketing

Amid growing competition, unless you're distinct at your offers, you will not gain the customers. While promoting your service or brand using Facebook videos, you must focus on a right strategy. Despite a beautiful video and a worth-grasping message, marketers most often fail to create touch points.

Youtube elements

Google uncloaks new YouTube features to make the platform marketer's goldmine. Despite all that YouTube can offer, many marketers either haven't yet tested its worth, or failed to yield expected results for some reasons. Audience primarily bother about the intent of the video, message it carries and connect it creates.

Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Followers

You must have launched an amazing Facebook business page to promote your business. This is indeed great to expose your business among over a billion active monthly users on Facebook who could be your prospective customers. Following are some tested strategies that can help you in having a massive follower base on your FB business page.