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Top 7 Social Media Marketing Tools 2019

Tarun Gupta February 21st, 2019 Social Media Marketing no comments.

Top 7 Social Media Marketing Tools

These tools help you monitor your campaign journey and assist you in tracking the competition. Unless you keep an eye on how your social media marketing campaign is heading, and what are the fixes required, it will be difficult to achieve the campaign goal you set up.


Google, time and again confirmed that they don’t consider social media as a ranking factor. However, we can’t deny the role of social media for community building and audience engagement. Social networks are playing a significant role in engaging communities and building brand voices.

instagram marketing

Like any other social network out there, Instagram does offer countless opportunities to local businesses. From the promotion of hard selling, you can do every bit of marketing using this platform. However, there is always a caveat associated when you use a social media platform to promote your local business. Instagram isn’t an exception either.


Instagram’s algorithm hadn’t been that complicated earlier, but was pretty straightforward. Years back when Instagram was in its infancy, its posts were ordered chronologically, regardless of the engagement. For example, if Tom posted a picture of his dinner date with his better half minutes after Jenny posted a picture of her decorated Christmas tree, Tom’s picture showed up first.