What It Takes To Build A Good SEO Campaign?

SEO Campaign SEO is simple. It's a strategy marketers talk about and embrace to achieve great outcomes out of SEO. An outcome could be anything, say- improved rankings, increased traffic or quality backlinks. Moreover, if all goes well, it translates to the biggest outcome- more sales. Stop going by your agency's pitch that terms SEO a magic trick, behind-the-scenes trickery or manipulation of algorithms.

This is not the case. Just break down a standard SEO campaign into its SEO components. Then, you'll find a new SEO, one that is straight forward, less complex and doesn't involve tricks or manipulations.

That's fine.

Now, The time for the real picture.

Don't get tangled by miles long SEO proposals listing number of activities in some order.

A great Search Engine Optimization campaign consists of two major SEO components - On Page Optimization and Off Page optimization. They are the essential components that build a winnable long-term search strategy.

Main Elements Of A Good SEO Campaign

Let's have a quick look at them:

seo components
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On-Page Optimization:

Got the clue?

This is a process that involves optimization of on page elements of a website. On-site optimization, one among the important SEO components , is a complete set of activities covering the content, structure, and layout of your site. They are the elements that are important to website rankings. Here are the most important considerations for the on-site search engine optimization of your domain:

Title Tag:

Tells Google the main topic and purpose of a page. Titles are required to be written accurately and concisely

Meta Description:

Equally important. They are used to tell Google a bit more about the purpose of a page.

Site Navigation:

It should be user friendly, easy to follow, and broken down into categories and sub-categories.

Internal Linking.

Interlinking serves two main purposes. One, it interlinks pages that are related, and two, it gives the easiest path possible to user to navigate to a link. They also help Google understand how pages on your site are related and what their hierarchy is.

The URL:

Page URLs are an important factor in On page SEO. Keep them precise. Avoid using string of numbers or symbols in your URL. Instead, use title of the page in URL.

Site Speed and Performance:

Not that much crucial, but impacts ranking. The time a website takes to load is directly proportional user experience it offers.

Though, there are other on-site elements that could be added to the list, we have included the most important one.

seo campaign
image credit: Neil Patel

Off-Page Optimization:

Off-page includes activities that we do off site. They are meant to give websites ranking, trust and visibility. In layman terms- On-page activities are done on the website itself, while off-page activities are performed off the site.

Posting a guest blog on a guest blogging site with a link targeting to your home page, is something that comes in the purview of Off-page optimization.

If you're one among those few people who associate off-page SEO with link building, you're wrong. It's far beyond that.The main activities that are important to off-page are:

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