In December 2014, Yahoo-Mozilla deal made a headway that helped Yahoo to gain user share over their arch rival Google. But, the latest report from the agency comScrore may be tough for Yahoo. The report says that Yahoo's market share is again declining as users start returning to Google.


How To Write Panda Proof Content

Tarun Gupta January 3rd, 2015 Search Engine Optimization no comments.

Panda Proof Content

Panda endorses the content that engages audience. Informative content sets the stage for great user experience. If the content generates higher level of user experience, it's doing the right job. Thus, be right with your content and keep panda happy.

Bing SEO Strategies

Though, Google wins over about 65% of overall search traffic that Internet receives, you can't underestimate the power of Bing. Even, being the runner up in the race, Bing's user base is equally important for your service / product. If you haven't yet given it a damn push, it's high time to pitch your Bing strategy.

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Whether you give the credit to the Google updates or oblige the role of technology that led to the transition, the matter of the fact is that decade old SEO strategies are no more relevant and investing big fortune in existing SEO campaigns is certainly not a good idea.