Marketers can still utilize on-page optimization and off-page optimization to achieve increased rankings, more traffic to the website and improved conver-sion. However, with frequent algorithm refreshes, Google has again changed the diaspora of on page / off page optimization and indicated how tough it would act on spammers.

Mobile First Index

Earlier Google indexing was based on desktop searches as it was accounted for most of the searches made around. Lately, with mobile revolution, that scenario got changed. People started searching, shopping and browsing on their smartphones and tablets. And with the increase in mobile searches, Google is capturing the growing user base.

Mobile First Index

An official from Bing said that the company has no plans to roll out a Bing mobile first index. They will continue with desktop-first index. That means, Bing will continue to index the desktop version of a webpage, and not the mobile version of the page for fetching ranking signals.


Tarun Gupta
6 SEO Myths That Should Be Debunked Now

Tarun Gupta November 2nd, 2016 Search Engine Optimization no comments.


Though digital marketing has blatantly replaced the existing practices of SEO, you shouldn't underestimate it being a forgotten hero. Search Engine Optimization is still an important component of your online marketing campaign. Don't easily trust those prevailing myths surrounding SEO.

penguin 4.0 update

We have already discussed Penguin 4.0 Update at length since its roll out on 23rd of this month. To recall, the update is running in real time, and a granular one. Being a real time update, Penguin 4.0 Update is now a part of Google's core search algorithm, just like Panda. Granularity means it would no more apply penalty side wide, but would be page specific or section specific. Period.