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Key Objectives Of A Content Marketing Campaign

Tarun Gupta January 27th, 2015 Internet Marketing no comments.

Content Marketing Campaign

Content marketing isn't merely a term but a game changer that in no time transformed the face of digital marketing. Nowadays, when brand are consistently looking at the ways to influence and engage their audience and earn brand advocates, content marketing seems the only way to get the deal done.

WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp has changed the way of traditional messaging. It has also helped marketers to think beyond 160-character text messages to advertise their business among their targeted buyers. Using WhatsApp they can now create a better audience outreach. This cross-platform messaging app overcomes several limitations of traditional SMS Marketing


Tarun Gupta
How To Improve Your Email Open Rate ?

Tarun Gupta April 21st, 2014 Internet Marketing no comments.

Improve Your Email Open Rate

E-mail marketing campaigns should be rendered in a managed fashion. It not only helps to add synergy to the campaigns but also improves its open rate. The point given in the post are pivotal if you want to see your email marketing campaigns flourish with maximum open rate.


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Mistakes That Damage Your Online Reputation

Tarun Gupta April 17th, 2014 Internet Marketing no comments.

Mistakes That Damage Your Reputation

Your online reputation depends upon a series of factors including your presence, the way you tackle the presence and how you respond to the criticism and appreciation. A slight decline in setting the standards may hurt your business reputation online.


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A Beginner Guide To Google AD Re-targeting

Tarun Gupta April 4th, 2014 Internet Marketing no comments.


Now, tracking of your lost visitors has become more easier. Just set up a re-marketing campaign on any of the platforms available. All of these display networks offer custom list combinations to reach exactly the right customers whenever you want.