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Proven Tips To Get More Social Media Followers

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For online businesses, social presence is now more than essential. The more you get noticed on the social media platforms, the more traction and traffic your business receives. The social media user base is about to touch 4.41 billion by 2025. That simply shows the opportunity the social media platforms can unleash in form of potential customers you’re looking for.

Your impressive fan following influences others too to follow you or your brand. Moreover, other brands and influencers might approach you to discuss long-term business collaborations if you have a strong stream of active followers. Having a good number of followers on social sites can help you boost your SEO efforts and drive solid visitor traffic to your website.

Tips to Grow Your Social Media Followers

Growing your social media followers isn’t tough at all. It just requires a bit of consistency, process, and schedule. The article covers some of the best ways to create a huge follower base on social media. By following these steps you can earn loyal followers for your brand and business.

Establish Your Brand Identity

Having an impressive brand identity is the prerequisite whether you’re an enterprise or an individual brand. Unless the audience knows about you or your brand well, they will never hit the follow button. A brand identity is now beyond a logo and a business tagline.

Several other elements are there that help your audience identify your brand among others. When you’re writing a post or social media content, make sure that what you write should reflect your brand’s voice. The content should reflect your color scheme, filters, graphic designs, tone, etc. The audience loves to connect with brands that have a unique brand identity.

Follow others to grow community

Social media platforms are meant for engagement and mutual interaction. To get more followers for your brand, you have to follow relevant social media accounts and influencers. But before hitting the follow button certain considerations must be there. Find the accounts that curate and share great content. Explore the influential brands you can collaborate with.

Join groups and communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and other popular networks. Here you can find like-minded audiences and influencers that you can follow. In addition, it might help you to explore new content ideas and gain exposure for your brand.

Engage Actively

It isn’t enough to have a huge follower base unless you’re actively engaged with them. Don’t ever treat social media platforms as a place to push hard sales pitches or run nonstop advertising campaigns. Instead, create mutually beneficial relationships, invite connections and initiate conversations. Moreover, listen to your followers carefully, reply to comments on your posts whether positive or negative, and encourage genuine discussions.

Publish Shareworthy Content

People tend to follow social media accounts that post engaging, appealing content. If they find your content having all the qualities they would love to reshare your posts. Several types of content resonate directly with your audience. Let's begin with opinion pieces.

If you have a solid opinion about an issue, you can create a lot of engagement. The only caution to exercise is to have enough data and sources to validate your claims. If you’re good at analyzing trends and finding crucial information out of those trends you can get a great readership that will be ardent followers of yours.

You can also write news stories to stay relevant. But make sure you source the news from authentic sources. It will help you build yourself a trustworthy brand everyone will want to engage with.

Leverage other social media platforms

Most often marketers target their audience on select social media platforms. However, there are good chances that other platforms might also have people who are interested in your products or services.

Tell them about your brand so that you can get more followers for your brand in long run. While sending newsletters and other marketing communications, add links to your social platforms. A cross-platform communication such as Instagram hashtags in your tweets can also be fruitful.

Use Hashtags to Target More Audience

You can use trending and relevant hashtags in your social media content so that more of your audience can easily discover you. However, Hashtags being should be specific and more targeted so that they can spread your message well. Search to find some good brand-specific hashtags to target. There are several tools available where you can discover related and relevant hashtags, get analytical data, and receive alternative suggestions.

Create New Partnerships

By building new partnerships you can discover a new breed of brand-new audience. Such association mutually benefits both you and the brand you follow. This scenario helps both parties to gain new followers and bring added exposure. Reach out to influencers and brand advocates to expand your reach further. Third-party content from influencers can engage more readers that will eventually lead to a new breed of active followers for your brand.


Followers are assets to your brand. It takes time and effort to earn an active and engaged follower base. Fake followers generated by bots and software don’t work in favor. Rather, they ruin your brand image. Social media platforms are smart enough to distinguish between fake and genuine accounts. Take time to curate a social media strategy to impress your audience. This is the only way you can turn visitors into followers.

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