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What’s Driving Visitors Away From Your Website?

Tarun Gupta | Jul 2nd, 2015 | Web Designing

You have entered into the digital arena with a brand new business website and brand's social media profiles in place. After pushing all it through for a month or over, you suddenly spot that it's not attracting enough customers as expected. Don't always blame your brand / service for the collapse, there may be problems with the way you presented it online. The story is pretty simple, your website needs a facelift.

What's Deviating Your Customers?

Experts familiar to customer behavior point out three major website components responsible for customer attention. They are - the time it takes to load, the visual aspect and the ease of navigation. So, keep checking these four elements that drive customers away.

1. A Disorganized Home Page

The home page is the most important asset of your website. Its goal is to showcase the most crucial information about your brand. Since, a visitor first appears on your home page, make sure it's organized with the right information on the right place.

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A cluttered home page drives audience away and annoys them. While designing a home page, keep your customers in mind. Content that matters to the customers the most should be placed on the home page. It's always a nice idea to organize home page in a way that's visually comfortable and easy for customers to explore.

2. Flawed Navigation

There are multiple ways to display the menu on the website, but ideally it should be placed on the top of the page with a visible link to the home page. The pages should be titled logically and content should be clearly represented.

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Navigation plan without proper hierarchy sends customers into a tizzy. They fail to recognize how to move from a page to another. A customer will prefer switching the website if doesn't find a right path to move.

3. Lost Social Media Buttons

Amidst the roaring craze of social media, missing out social media buttons on your website could be fatal. Make sure that every page of the website has visible icons for leading social channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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It helps to initiate engagements with your target audience on social platforms. Map all those social channels where your customers possibly exist.

4. Missing Calls-to-Action

Despite having a great experience, customers leave your website, that results in a higher bounce rate. Improper placement of call-to-action buttons might be the primary reason behind this.

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With suitable call-to-action, you can guide them where to move next. Put big, colorful and visible buttons on the pages carrying instructions such as "call us," "click here" or "subscribe to our newsletter.

Any of these 4 factors may drive your audience away from your websites. I'll suggest a quick website audit to find where your website is lacking and why customers are keeping distance from the website.

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Julie Granville Says:

If website navigation bar placed at the top of the page and always contain a link back to the homepage so customers will not make distance from your website so placed it in your website.