video marketing

Amid growing competition, unless you're distinct at your offers, you will not gain the customers. While promoting your service or brand using Facebook videos, you must focus on a right strategy. Despite a beautiful video and a worth-grasping message, marketers most often fail to create touch points.

server security hacks

Malware attacks are now a regular affair that businesses and individuals are facing time and again. Recently, we have noticed a rampant increase in malware attacks and hacking attempts. These attacks have caused major damage to businesses and users alike in the form of revenue loss and sensitive data being compromised.

mobile marketing

With mobiles, tablets and other gadgets taking over the existing modes of communications, businesses find them extremely effective for audience outreach. Marketers across the world are using mobile marketing to contact their potential customers and tell them about services that benefit them.


Tarun Gupta
7 New AdWords Features Coming Soon To Its New UI

Tarun Gupta July 21st, 2017 Pay Per Click no comments.

The new and advanced AdWords interface is live for sometime, and marketers are now using New AdWords Features quite comfortably. The new interface has been rolling out to the advertisers gradually, and will be available to every one by the year end. The advertisers who have access to both the new and older versions can navigate back and forth between the two.

Youtube elements

Google uncloaks new YouTube features to make the platform marketer's goldmine. Despite all that YouTube can offer, many marketers either haven't yet tested its worth, or failed to yield expected results for some reasons. Audience primarily bother about the intent of the video, message it carries and connect it creates.


there are a few plugins that every WP website should have. These plugins serve different purpose for the website such as caching, security and search optimization etc. The plugin directory of world’s #1 content management system contains over 46000+ plugins. That means there are plugins available for almost every function or feature you need on your website.