Quality Backlinks

It’s awesome if your website is getting found by the millions of your audience. If a strategy that could help you in this most effectively is link building. Yeah, that’s true. This year, you have to sharpen your link building skills. You have to devote time to foster and practice ethical link building practices to power up your online presence.

Top SEO Trends

Google’s take on search algorithms and their implementation is completely changed. Since the rollout of Penguin and Panda algorithms, the way SEO worked has changed upside down. What appeared to be a great strategy then is now a black hat activity.

startup seo

Deeper the startups go in SEO research, more the data they can collect about searchers intent. While in infancy, startups don’t have enough data for decision making, however, over time they accumulate huge chunk of decisive data about searchers. This data helps him in empowering their marketing strategy in long term.


Tarun Gupta
Top 9 Google Ads Editor Features for Advertisers

Tarun Gupta April 2nd, 2019 Pay Per Click no comments.

Top 9 Features of Google Ads Editor

The editor is a free to download application that can be downloaded and installed to install Google Ads campaigns. The best thing with Google Ads editor is that it lets advertisers save time and make bulk changes in their campaigns.

Link Building Strategy

I have seen many webmasters complaining how their link building backfired. They baffled as their link building strategies tanked their website rankings. It’s quite frequent now. Many webmasters manipulate links to achieve higher rankings, but in most cases it doesn’t work.

301 vs 302 redirection

SEOs most often fail to distinguish between 301 and 302 redirects. Even today, most of them are unable to cite difference between 301 and 302 redirection. If we go by the definition, redirect is a process where users and search engines are sent to a different URL from one they originally requested for.