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6 Ways to Clean Up Your Email Prospects List?

Tarun Gupta September 18th, 2017 Email Marketing no comments.

to Clean up Your Email Prospects List

Cleaning up prospects list simply means weeding out bad email IDs from the list. This is important for many reasons. Post cleaning, your list ends up with those prospects who could likely be interested in your products. Another advantage of having a clean email list is reduced cost that marketers have to pay to email service providers.


Tarun Gupta
Google Maps Q&A Feature: 6 Things to Know

Tarun Gupta September 11th, 2017 Search Engine Optimization no comments.

Google Maps FAQ

A fortnight ago, Google introduced a Q&A feature for its Google Maps listings. The feature was rolled out for mobile users that allowed users to ask a question about the place listed, or read the existing questions and answers about a place.

tabbed content

The best way to get tabbed content issue fixed is by removing tabbed content from the page. Create a well-structured and organized web page that enables Googlebot to effectively crawl every section of the page and index every single piece of content the page has. Run a test to check if it works.


Great to see you planning a website to bring your business to more of your buyers. A wisely crafted website is a platform where your visitors engage, explore and transact. Despite a great product line up and rocking marketing ideas, you may miss the selling targets if your website fails to allure the customers.


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9 PPC Campaign KPIs You Should Start Tracking Now

Tarun Gupta September 2nd, 2017 Pay Per Click no comments.

PPC Key Performance Indicator

KPI, popularly, 'Key Performance Indicators' is a known term across industry verticals. This metric indicates the health and performance of a given campaign and its internal elements. Alike, PPC KPI reveals how successful a campaign was and how well it performed.


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5 Signals Your Mobile SEO Efforts are Going Nowhere

Tarun Gupta September 1st, 2017 Mobile Marketing no comments.


Unless mobile websites optimized for search engines, they can't perform well in search engine result pages. It will eventually result in dropped ranking and tanked mobile traffic. It's therefore crucial to give enough attention to mobile SEO.

responsive designs

To survive the mobile-first indexing, your website should have a responsive version. To recall, a responsive website is designed in a way that manages to open on every device without clutter. When opened, responsive design websites adjust the screen space accordingly.