To take Amazon head-on, Google has announced a new umbrella program called ‘unified shopping program’. The program will help Google embrace its existing relationships with retailers further and will help the company rollout universal checkout across platforms and devices.


Instagram’s algorithm hadn’t been that complicated earlier, but was pretty straightforward. Years back when Instagram was in its infancy, its posts were ordered chronologically, regardless of the engagement. For example, if Tom posted a picture of his dinner date with his better half minutes after Jenny posted a picture of her decorated Christmas tree, Tom’s picture showed up first.


Your website’s structure impacts its search ranking considerably. Though, Google officially denies considering the superiority of one over the other while indexing and ranking the websites, webmasters show incremental evidence that one is superior in terms of SEO.


Tarun Gupta
10 Ways to Skyrocket Your eCommerce Store Conversion

Tarun Gupta February 27th, 2018 Ecommerce no comments.

eCommerce Store Conversion

If you experience sudden drop in revenue that you usually generated from your eCommerce store, you need to analyze your website. It might be the case that strategies that may have been worked in the past have become stale or ineffective now. To get the shine back to your store, you just have to make a few incremental changes to your store.