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Top 7 Voice Based Digital Assistants

Tarun Gupta March 15th, 2019 Internet Marketing no comments.

voice search digital assistants

The following article will compare top five digital assistants, their mechanism and the way they help customers. You may alternatively read this article for top voice search optimization methods to keep your website top in the race.


A question that frequently puzzles the brands on Twitter is what would be the right time to throw a tweet. Surprising your Twitter followers is juicy only when they are ready to get surprised. Now, Twitter has come up with an innovative tool that will tell marketers and brands the right time to make a tweet.

Website Traffic Drop

Drop in website traffic is alarming. It directly impacts your revenue and business targets. In times when competition is growing fiercely, low website traffic may hurt you badly. For online businesses with futuristic goals, website traffic matters a lot. More the visitors you have, more the opportunities you can tap in long run. Huge visitor influx helps you nurture business relationships, create brand value and sell products.

on page seo

We have already discussed on many occasions that Goggle considers over many hundred ranking signals to rank a given page. Besides links and content being the topmost ranking signal, Google has started adopting multiple intrinsic methods to rank its index. However, the fact remains, Google’s primary ranking signals play the significant role in ranking.


Facebook, the social media giant is said to be in spree to offer multiple monetization opportunities to advertisers on its platform. Now, the social juggernaut is rolling out a premium ad program called Showcase for the advertisers to let them target the highest-quality videos on the platform.


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6 Ways to Strengthen Local Branding Strategy

Tarun Gupta February 25th, 2019 Internet Marketing no comments.

local branding strategy

May be you’re up to expanding your own business or willing to empower your clients, creating a strategy to target the local buyers is a hard nut to crack. To craft a local targeting strategy, you should have a deep understanding of your local markets and searching pattern of the local consumers.


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Top 7 Social Media Marketing Tools 2019

Tarun Gupta February 21st, 2019 Social Media Marketing 1 comment.

Top 7 Social Media Marketing Tools

These tools help you monitor your campaign journey and assist you in tracking the competition. Unless you keep an eye on how your social media marketing campaign is heading, and what are the fixes required, it will be difficult to achieve the campaign goal you set up.