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Corporate Logo – Face of your Business

Tarun Gupta | Jun 18th, 2009 | Web Designing

The entire structure of logo designing has undergone immense changes with the passing of time. A company’s logo organizes the business public image and has complete influence on the overall company profit. It is the symbol that speaks of your business and is the perfect combination of designing, colors and fonts.

Every business owner whether it is big or small is aware about the fact that Logo Design plays an important role in the success of a business or organization. Logos are so important that without it the products of the company cannot be visualized. They create a long lasting impression on the viewer and it has become a trend that almost every company, website and products use their unique logo to target specific audience in order to create a greater impact.


To trace the origin of Logo it can be said that logo belongs to ancient Greece. It is derived from the word “logotype” that means a symbol, name or trademark particularly designed for easy recognition. It began as a cipher consisting of either all the letters of a name or only the initials of a person used for the purpose of trading. Greek and Roman coins usually had the monograms of rulers or towns engraved on each side but in the 13th century, logo became the trademark for merchants and traders. Today it has become a visual symbol and is the face of the company not only to the public but also to the employees and the company itself. Logos have become the corporate identity and a professionally designed logo is a must for any business who wants to promote their products or services.


Logo designing is considered by the webmasters to be the most difficult area while designing a website. The target of the logo is to embody all the positive qualities of the company, communicate its value and distinguish it from similar companies. It needs to have the capacity of presenting the right image of the company to its viewers. People are more attracted to the logo of the company since the design speaks volubly about the mission of the company, represents a product and stands for a brand name.


Getting the logo of a company done by a professional is important as they can understand the requirements and maintain high quality. They come up with various concepts to match your ideas and offer multiple packages for you to choose from. It is important to hire the right Web Designing Company to create your image and maintain the uniformity with the vision of your company. Your logo is your identity so keep it simple and choose colors to give your clients an idea about your business and to match well with your website designing.

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