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A Quick PHP vs Node.js Comparison For Developers

Tarun Gupta | Aug 3rd, 2015 | Web Development Resources

For web development, PHP and Node.js are equally important platforms. They have their own features and attributes that make them a choice for developers. PHP, however founded long ago and Node.js is relatively low. Let's get into a brief comparison between both the open source web development platforms.

PHP and Node.js both are server-side scripting languages and used in developing and deploying web based applications. But, Node.js is also being used by open source community for desktop application development.

PHP vs Node.js Comparison: Which One Is Better?

PHP began to host developers as a dynamic languages used to update HTML pages. Its code was similar to Perl and in its infancy, it was deemed a basic programming language. On the contrary, Node.js is bit latest in the domain and already enjoys the power of JavaScript and created a brand new V8 JavaScript engine.

PHP And Node.js Performance:

When it comes to performance, both the platforms work differently. PHP works on interpreted compilation that leads to less optimized code execution than a good JIT (Just-in-Time) based runtime. Node.js runs on Just-in-Time compilation with the V8 JavaScript engine. But, the strategy does often increase startup time a little.

PHP And Node.js Multi-Tasking:

Both the platforms are different in the way they handle multi-tasking. Node.js uses a non-blocking event-loop (running in a single process) and the standard PHP Zend runtime uses a blocking process. Apache allows setting up the maximum number of PHP processes to run together and this works fine for many types of web applications.

PHP acts Around Deep Code Base:

Most of the websites run on PHP is filled with codes. Other popular platforms for like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla are also written in PHP. The plug-ins used are also written in PHP. That means, these languages are everywhere from back-end to front end.

Node.js Runs Around Newer Code :

The Node.js code is not only newer but is built with full knowledge of the latest architectural approaches used coding. These simple codes are built by programmers who understand that modern web development process well.

PHP and Node.js Speed Of Coding:

PHP code is very simple. Just a few variables and basic functions. Experts believe that PHP codes are a thin layer that don't do much. PHP has the right amount of complexity for a job that's not supposed to be complex. Node.js is quite a modern language with a modern syntax and a few useful features. The Node.js allows developers to reconfigure and extend it easily. This helps them making powerful libraries like jQuery possible. They can pass functions around like objects.

PHP vs Node.js: Which One Wins?

Coding with PHP is faster as it requires no compilers, no deployment, no JAR files or preprocessors. All that developers need is their favorite editor and some PHP files in a directory. On the contrary, writing JavaScript code in Node.js is a bit harder, but when it's done, it rocks. Its callback mechanism is fast forwarded and saves you from interpreting the threads.

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Karen Axelton Says:

Node.js is not “faster” than PHP – just the proficiency of usage utilizing either innovation can be thought about, not the advances themselves. A few things will be faster in PHP, and others will be faster in Node.js.