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11 Step Strategy to Increase Your Facebook Followers

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to Increase Your Facebook Followers

You must have launched an amazing Facebook business page to promote your business. This is indeed great to expose your business among over a billion active monthly users on Facebook who could be your prospective customers. The best part is that since Facebook is a free to use platform, it’s completely free to create and promote a business page on the platform. Means zero overhead.

Later on, one can take advantage of paid Facebook advertisements to target ideal and exact customers on the basis of demographics and other crucial segmentation metrics.

But this isn’t that easy as it seems. It requires a workable strategy to engage people and bring followers to your page. If you can get a chunk of prospective customers on your business page, your sales chart will see a certain spike.

These major advertisements and modes act as the best tools to let businesses engage with the potential audience. All these publicity mediums are quite effective in creating social media presence for the businesses.The increasing potential and prospects in social media force business houses to take this massive medium as a unique tool to improve its presence in the competitive market.

1. Provide Awesome Content

Like any other campaign, the success of your Facebook campaign depends upon the quality of content you deliver to your readers. While creating content for Facebook readers, it’s important to ensure that they add value. The content should be entertaining or engaging for your visitors. Several reports have already revealed that visual content like videos and photos in your content increases user engagement by 2 to 3 times.
Engaging and impressive content leads to the more likes and shares by your followers on their personal pages. It eventually attracts new page likes and followers.

Are you planning to launch your first Facebook marketing campaign but clueless about where to start from? Our Facebook marketing plans are crafted for accomplishing your exact business needs.

2. Launch Live Videos

Facebook once stated citing examples that users tend to spend 3x more time watching Live Video if compared to the time they consume on traditional videos. Engaging videos bring more audience to your content. The trend is gripping the dashboard as the top companies are using them in order to acquire new audience and bolstering likes.

3. Provide Fresh Content

Content frequency on your brand page is very important to get readers engaged and embraced. Create content calendar, segment post category-wise and post them on intervals. For example, if your brand page is about digital marketing service, your content categories could be divided into SEO, PPC, Content Marketing and Social Media.

Create informative and educative content around these topics and post them on chosen intervals. Be considerate on frequency. You shouldn’t be too frequent or seldom about post counts. Your readers need daily dose of entertaining and buzzing content, so you must be consistent in offering them useful content.

4. Promote Brand Page on Other Channels

Technically, you can term its cross-channel social media marketing. There is a gamut of social media channels beyond Facebook where you can promote your brand page for more exposure and reach. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Snapchat is some platforms where you can find your target audience roaming to satiate their content crave. Start promoting your Facebook page across all these. Here again, schedule can make magic. Promote your Facebook page on these channels bi-weekly to capture a new audience and more FB page likes and shares. Every single user coming via these channels will be an addition to your follower base.

5. Create and Send Newsletter

The newsletter is known as another important entity that spreads the information about the latest events, ventures and other happening in an organization. The entire procedure is meant to offer an idea for the prospective buyers to tell them what's going across the organization in its Internet marketing service domain. You must have seen newsletter subscription options on the website that enable users to subscribe the same in order to avail more information about the events in the organizations.

6. Create Corporate Profiles

A social media management company understands the importance of corporate profiles as an advertisement medium. These tools offer a comprehensive elaboration about the company profile to the corporate world. Corporate profile pages show the entire corporate history of the organization coupled with relevant images and and notes over it. Usually this kind of advertisement medium doesn't have any fan page or group logos over it.

7. Utilize Sponsored Content

Sponsored contents are another important sort of social media advertisement medium. Social media management gurus believe that its behavior in the outer world is quite positive and impressive. The sponsored content has several promotional links and advertising banners of the company. Sponsored contents written by professional blog management service experts offer an opportunity to business houses to avail highest user engagement ratings.

These viral advertisements and recommendations act as the best tools to let businesses engage with the potential audience. All these publicity mediums are quite effective in creating a social media presence for the businesses. This presence further helps business houses to yield better revenue and results.

8. Launch Contests

Content alone won’t be able to capture all the engagement. Contests, polls and freebies help you engage a quality audience. If you have missed it so far, pick it now. Run at least one creative, engaging and interesting contest every month and give away free swag or services.

9. Response To Customer Queries:

Irrespective of the strength and capacity of your business, you should be prompt in answering queries raised on your business page. Businesses that actually respond to queries witness more traction in current page like interaction. It eventually leads to more shares and new likes.

10. Run Facebook Ads

If your marketing budget allows, Facebook ads are the best way to target your potential audience and gain more page likes in relatively less time. Running Facebook ads is simple. All you need to create an ad and run it to target whatever demographic you need. The best part is that you can choose your ad budget and the duration you want it to run for. Since Facebook ads are more affordable than other paid advertisement options, businesses are increasingly using this method to get in touch with their next buyers.

With our Facebook fan page marketing, we help brands create, setup and promote impressive Facebook brand page among targeted audience for maximum exposure.

11. Engage with Similar Businesses:

Don’t be like standalone in the vertical you are serving. Engage, comment and respond to other businesses within your market. This will be a good gesture to garner traction and bring more followers back to your Facebook page.

If we look across the business segments, we find that a number of advertisement mediums are being used by the professionals in order to promote the business and services. These advertisement mediums of social media marketing not only proffer a way to create better prospective for the business ventures but also amends effective publishing strategies for times to come.

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