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The future of YouTube Monetization: trends, new features, and potential challenges

Tarun Gupta | Feb 14th, 2023 | Social Media Marketing Resources

Unarguably, YouTube is the largest video search engine and video content sharing platform. It gives creators across the world an opportunity to share their content and engage the potential audience that consumes that content. Currently, the platform has over 2 billion monthly active users. It opens up several ways for creators to monetize their YouTube video content and earn good money. YouTube monetization is now giving content creators a plethora of money-making opportunities.

In this article, I will discuss the future of YouTube monetization, upcoming trends, new features, and potential challenges for creators.

1. Emerging Trends in YouTube Monetization

YouTube is constantly updating its monetization policies to help content creators make more money. Content creators are looking forward to some upcoming trends that can help them to explore different revenue streams. Now, creators are embracing alternative revenue streams beyond traditional advertising.

Though AdSense has long been the most preferred method of monetization, creators are now exploring other revenue streams as well to diversify their income. Some of these YouTube monetization methods might include merchandising, crowdfunding, and affiliate marketing. Here are some others:

Short-form content

Lately, YouTube introduced short-form videos on the platform, similar to TikTok-style videos and Instagram Reels. These videos have become popular in almost no time. Creators are now finding ways to monetize this type of video content to grow their earning potential.

Live streaming:

Live streaming is another popular form of content on YouTube. Creators that live stream can monetize their streams through ads and donations from viewers.

Brand deals

YouTube influencers are now collaborating with brands to create and promote sponsored content through their YouTube channel. This trend is likely to continue.

Selling Merchandise:

YouTube creators who know how to sell stuff online are now selling merchandise, through their channels.

Membership programs

A good number of YouTube creators are now offering membership programs to their viewers through their respective channels. Through the membership, members are offered access to exclusive content and other benefits for a monthly fee.


YouTube influencers are now selling NFTs (unique digital assets) through their YoutTube content to their fans.

2. New Features For Monetization

YouTube leaves no stone unturned to offer new features and tools for creators to help them monetize their content effortlessly. Following is the list of some notable features that YouTube introduced for creators: -

Super Thanks

By purchasing "Super Thanks", users can show their support for content creators. Unlike the super Chat feature, in Super thanks, viewers can make a one-time payment without having to participate in a live chat.

Shorts Fund

Shorts Fund was introduced for creators involved in creating content on the Short platform. YouTube introduced a $100 million fund to reward creators for creating engaging shorts. The fund will be disbursed to eligible creators for 2021-2022.

Mid-roll ads for shorter videos

The new YouTube monetization policy will now allow creators to include mid-roll ads in videos that are 8 minutes or longer. Previously, it was allowed only for videos of 10 minutes or longer.

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3. Potential Challenges for YouTube Monetization

While YouTube offers tons of opportunities for content creators to build content and grow revenue, there are potential challenges too that they may face. I am citing here a few of those challenges for the creators:

Changes in Algorithm and Monetization policies

Being a content creator, you have to be ready to cope with frequent changes made in YouTube’s policies and algorithms for monetizing content. Google makes changes to these algorithms quite frequently. Which can make it difficult for creators to earn a reliable income.

A lot of Competition

It’s not a hard task to create a YouTube channel and start publishing content. It makes the competition even harder. With millions of channels on YouTube and most of them playing in a similar niche, it’s daunting for new creators to break through and attract an audience.

Copyright issues

The bigger challenge for content creators is to ensure that the content they produce doesn’t infringe on copyright laws.

Keeping up with trends

YouTube makes constant changes to its algorithm. Thus, creators must stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technology to ensure that the content they produce is relevant to their audience.

Adapting to algorithm changes

YouTube upgrades its algorithm to determine which videos are recommended to viewers. Content creators must adapt their content to fit the algorithm's criteria.


The dynamics of YouTube monetization are equally exciting and challenging for content creators. As the world’s largest video streaming platform is growing and upgrading rapidly, it is opening up new windows for opportunities and posing great challenges too. Creators need to be up-to-date on emerging trends and new features to become successful on the platform.

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