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Maximizing Marketing Efforts on Twitter: Best Practices

Tarun Gupta | Jun 17th, 2021 | Social Media Marketing

Twitter is the most influential social networking tool and search engine to find the latest news and events in the world faster. It includes an update on the company and business.

Marketing on Twitter engages users and followers, boosts conversions, increases brand awareness, and more. Twitter distributes your content easily, and it will be shared globally. Reaching thousands of leads through a free social media platform sounds right? But how will you ensure that you are generating fabulous content to interact with customers?

This guide will answer your question, including what is a Twitter marketing strategy and how you can use Twitter for your business. Also, we have explained the techniques to improve your marketing efforts on the platform.

What is a Twitter marketing strategy?

A Twitter marketing strategy is an audience-centric plan around creating, publishing, and distributing content for your audience, buyer's persona, and followers through the social media platform.

The strategy's main purpose is to grab the attention of new followers and leads, boost conversions, and increase brand recognition and sales.

The following are the Twitter marketing strategies which are the same as other social media marketing strategies.

  • Research your buyer personas and audience
  • Create unique and engaging content
  • Organize a schedule for your post
  • Analyze your impact and results

You will get better results when you invest your time creating a profile and content for this social media platform.

How to use Twitter for business?

When you start using Twitter for your business, you need to ensure that it reaches your target audience. Consider company size and industry and determine your goals to tailor them to your needs. Let you explore how to use Twitter to share, engage, and market your business.

    • Customize and brand your profile
    • Create Twitter lists
    • Host a Twitter chat
    • Advertise on Twitter
    • Drive traffic to your website
    • Use Twitter moments
    • Get verified on Twitter
    • Focus on building your follower count

Twitter Marketing Best Practices

The following Twitter marketing techniques are universal, which means they apply to any business. When you follow these techniques, surely you can improve your marketing efforts on this platform.

1. Use keyword targeting in your Twitter Ads

Keyword targeting on Twitter is an element of Twitter Ads. You can engage users on Twitter by including the different words and phrases in your content that you have searched for on the platform. It means you can reach your potential customers when the content and services are most relevant to them. On Twitter, keyword targeting is of two types, including search and timeline.

2. Search keyword targeting

Search keyword targeting shows your tweets to users when they are searching for topics regarding your business. For instance, if you want to sell gluten-free cookies, you can target users searching for tweets about cookies, gluten intolerance, baking, or Celiac Disease.

3. Timeline keyword targeting

Timeline keyword targeting is acting on a user's specific feelings, actions, thoughts, and emotions that they have tweeted about. For instance, if you are running a gear company, you should target keywords and phrases that users tweet about, such as race day tips, running a race, etc.

4. Implement hashtags

Did you acknowledge that adding hashtags to your tweets is a great way to bring a better engagement as tweets without them? However, stick to the following guidelines when using hashtags to ensure that you can reach the greatest number of people possible.

        • Create a unique hashtag for your business that helps your followers and target audience find you and your content.
        • Create a memorable and relevant hashtag.
        • Use Twitter analytics to know your successful hashtags
        • Don't overuse hashtags

5. Organize a content-sharing schedule

When the base of followers grows, post content regularly to keep them engaged with your business. Know that sharing the content at the right times is important to influence the customer's decision. Determine your customers and organize the timing schedule to share your content.

6. Use images and videos

To enhance your business, include quality videos and photos in your tweets. When you upload eye-catching and engaging photos and images in your content, users scroll their feeds. Videos outperform tweets and are likely to get engagement six times more than tweets.

Videos and images are the best way to help your audience to know about your product or how to use it. Adding images and videos in tweets is the best way to increase the engagement that you want.

7. Interact with your followers

Remembering your followers to engage with your product will help your business to grow. Therefore, your followers will get great experiences, inciting them to come back to your profile. It will foster a sense of brand loyalty.

8. Keep an eye on your competitors

Twitter is a great source to know about your competitors' marketing efforts. Follow your competitors and see what they are posting. It will give you a better insight into their success and how they are engaging their customers. Analyze the competitor's strategy that helps you overcome the obstacles you face in the business. And the best strategy will enhance your business.

Wrapping it up

Do you have a plan to improve your business? Then, follow the above Twitter practices to have sustained growth. Twitter is a powerful marketing tool that directs more traffic to your website, engages your audience, improves brand awareness, boosts conversions, and increases your sales.

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