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Essential Insights An SEO Report Should Have

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If you’re an SEO agency, you understand the importance of insights and SEO reports. Accurate reports reduce the overall efforts, improve efficiency, and speed up the decision-making process. SEO clients rely on these reports as these reports significantly impact the project performance and their decisions thereafter.

Essential Insights of An SEO Report:

A comprehensive SEO report offers tons of crucial information about the ongoing projects, bottlenecks, and probable fixes. I have listed here some of the crucial elements of an ideal SEO report that clients seek from an SEO agency.

1. Traffic Sources

Traffic sources of the website are always the client’s main goal. Thus website traffic should be the primary insight you should provide to your client. By using a tool like Google Analytics, you can ascertain the source/medium coming to your website.

The report about the traffic source will tell you a lot about your site visitors including where your visitors are coming from and the pages they are landing on.

2. Conversion Rate

Despite a massive traffic influx, if the website fails to convert visitors into buyers, the traffic might be irrelevant to your business. If you don’t know why the visitors are coming to your website and what they need, it’s more than difficult to engage them. If they don’t engage with your content, you will see your conversion rate tanking down.

For businesses running online ventures, the conversion rate is the most important key performance indicator (KPIs) for the clients. It should be the first entry on your audit report the client will want to see.

In Google Analytics, you can select certain goals as conversions. For instance, if a visitor lands on your contact us page, it can be a conversion point. Similarly, every newsletter subscription by a user can also be considered a conversion if this goal is set by the client.

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3. Top Performing Pages

Even if you’re getting a good amount of traffic on your website, it’s important to know the pages most of the traffic is moving towards. It’s always great to see people showing love to some of your blog posts or pages on the website.

The audit report being sent to the client should include top-performing pages. It tells the client about the pages that are working and those trailing. Based on the insight, it becomes easier to improve the performance of pages that are not doing well. They can apply the same strategy that is moving other pages up.

4. Page Speed Insights

Besides the insights that directly influence the conversion rate of the website, some elements impact the user experience at scale.

Page speed is one such metric that shows your client how fast the website pages are loading. To measure the page speed of the website, you can take the help of the Page speed insight tool from Google which is available for free. The tool shows your clients the loading speed of your pages and performance-related issues if any.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is another important metric that clients would always want to know. They should be aware of how long the website visitors are staying there and how many are leaving the website midway without doing any transaction.

Dwell time is another important metric that tells about the time a visitor spends on a website page when coming from an organic search. In any case, bounce rate is always bad for a website. It indicates the website isn’t engaging enough to capture the user's attention.

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Backlinks and Rankings

Backlinks are a very powerful tool that gives power to your SEO efforts. If your website is struggling to get top rankings, quality backlinks can make the task a bit easier. There are several tools available that can track your backlinks and identify potential SEO opportunities.

A ranking report must include the keywords and positions they are ranking at. The report will tell the client the most competitive and valuable keywords.


Recommendations come at the very end when the client is done with all the reports required. Based on the recommendations, the client decides the next steps be taken. The client takes clues from the data obtained and then applies the strategy to optimize the campaign and maximize success.


These reports significantly improve the campaign's success as it helps clients to ascertain the progress by comparing the results from reports.

Share these reports with your clients consistently over the period to show the growth and indicate the prospects further. Bind all the reports together to build a comprehensive SEO report that contains every detail about the crucial metrics and insights.

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