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How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing?

Tarun Gupta | Aug 17th, 2022 | Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn is a well-known professional networking platform that lets people connect with like-minded professionals. The platform brings forth several tools that tie together employers, coworkers, and job seekers for impressive career accomplishments and new lucrative job opportunities. That is what LinkedIn is known for.

However, this professional social media platform is far beyond. It’s a very effective and lucrative tool for business-to-business engagement. If your ultimate business goal is to build brand awareness, drive website traffic, or boost conversion rates, LinkedIn is something you can rely on.

What is B2B Marketing?

B2B marketing is different from B2C in a way that the strategy focuses on the promotion of products and services to other businesses. It's Unlike customer-centric business approaches that focus on targeting individual customers.

As you already have a presence on LinkedIn and are connected with several top-notch business professionals and decision-makers of different companies, you can employ several tactics to engage with these potential leads to sell them the products and services you’re offering.

B2B marketing is a proven way to build long-term relationships with clients, targeting niche audiences.

LinkedIn B2B Marketing Goals

A good LinkedIn marketing plan is built to ensure profitable returns and lasting business relationships with reputed brands. Like any other business plan, a LinkedIn business plan must have clearly defined marketing goals and priorities including:

  • Raising brand awareness
  • Generating high-quality leads
  • Boosting conversion rates

LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategy

Following are the key elements of a sure-shot LinkedIn marketing strategy:

Create a Brand Persona

With features like LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn pages, brands have an opportunity to reach out to prospective clients and partners. Though the platform doesn’t offer rich customization like business websites, it has enough features and functions required to make a great first impression on your target audience.

Start with the profile design. Use innovative pictures and images to establish your branding and grab your audience’s attention. Your profile pitch makes the difference as well. It should be compelling and must tell your audience who you are and what you’re doing. It must include your USP that might help serve the client’s needs.

Create and Share Engaging Content

Value-driven and quality content is the staple food for LinkedIn B2B marketing. To address the audience's needs, keep writing high-quality in-depth blog posts. The content must be informative and tell your audience every detail about the advantages of your product and services. Some of the best content formats that LinkedIn audiences love to read include:

  • Video demonstrations
  • Blog posts
  • Links to podcast episodes
  • Webinar events
  • Infographics

Capitalize on Compelling Testimonials

Building lasting trust with the clients is the only way forward when it comes to LinkedIn B2B marketing involving other businesses. It improves the lead quality and helps to build long-lasting business relationships.

To impress potential clients and increase your business reputation, share testimonials on your LinkedIn profile. Share it with the world if your past clients showered praises on you for your work and results. Happy clients act as your brand ambassador.

Include those testimonials in the list that portray details about your work and its positive impact. Add testimonials that endorse the validity of your product or service. Moreover, you can also use this section to highlight your company’s areas of expertise.

Find the right people to collaborate with

As you have a great LinkedIn business profile in place, now you can start reaching the right people and top executives to build business-to-business relationships. Find out the business leaders and decision-makers in target organizations. Connect directly with these executives who could be interested in your products and services.

While zeroing on the top-level executives, filter the LinkedIn search based on the location, industry, seniority level, and company size.

Take the Advantage of LinkedIn Ads

Getting B2B leads organically is always cost-effective and long-lasting. However, it takes time to materialize the communication and get people on board. Thus, alongside, you can initiate direct communication with potential customers using LinkedIn ad campaigns.

It can take your B2B marketing plan to the next level. This tool is built into the platform that helps marketers accelerate conversions, build the brand, and pull massive website traffic. This is the easiest way to bring your high-quality content in front of your target audience. You can further customize the ad campaigns using filters like job seniority, company size, age job functions, etc.


If used with a strategy, LinkedIn can be the driving tool behind your B2B marketing success. The success rate of LinkedIn marketing is reasonably good since it offers precise audience targeting through multiple communication channels. If you haven’t yet planned to launch a B2B marketing plan on LinkedIn, do it now to turn your sales objectives into profitable returns.

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