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Unique Link Building Techniques to Enhance Your Online Presence

Tarun Gupta | Jun 20th, 2021 | Search Engine Optimization

Relevant and high-authority backlinks have always been an asset for websites. They help to grow the website’s online authority and improve search visibility. The Authority and relevance of interlinked websites are correlated since they are tied together. If one of the linked websites compromises in terms of backlinks, it affects other websites too. Similarly, all will benefit from a boost in mutual authority.

Innovative ways to build backlinks

An authority website is regarded as an expert on a subject or a topic. It takes time and effort to establish yourself as an authority and build relevant high-quality website links.

Acquiring high-quality backlinks from authority websites is unarguably daunting. However, there are several creative ways to earn and build relevant authoritative links. We have covered a few ways below that work.

Offer Free Tools

People tend to find new resources to expand their knowledge base. These resources may be free tips, tools, or templates. They help users in learning new things and find ways to resolve problems they are facing.

Upon searching ‘x top apps’ or ‘y wp templates’ users get a massive result set comprising the website offering the information asked. Websites that appear on top of the list are deemed as authority websites or the best resources. They have been linked with similar authority websites because of the value they provide.

If you're using any such tool or template to grow your business, you can promote these tools via a resource section within your website. While writing introduction text for the resources, use relevant keyword-rich content to make the resource discoverable.

Once published, start promoting the tools via all relevant channels where they can be seen and linked by the target audience. Using the trick you can acquire quality backlinks through highly relevant industry directories, publications, and other authoritative sources.

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Update Broken Links in relevant posts

This is another interactive way to attract a target audience and acquire quality links from authority sources. You can engage people with relevant trending articles by offering value-added content to the original author. Start by exploring popular and engaging articles.

Find link(s) within the article that does not work. It may offer an opportunity to fill the gap by offering appropriate, up-to-date, and accurate content with the link to your website. Sometimes links and related content are outdated or of no value, especially in the case of older articles. You can cash on this gap by offering your link to relevant, current content as an additional resource.

Build Relationships

The more your brand gains trust more the backlinks it can acquire. This simply means trust is the basic ingredient of any backlink acquisition strategy. You can only build links on the sites where you have established a level of trust and good rapport. You may have successfully done it by offering value-adding content to your audience to link to.

Unarguably, building trust requires an undying commitment to providing value to the users they deserve. Trust is a mutual phenomenon and a kind of give-and-take proposition. You have to offer something in return for the privilege to share your brand content and get a link in exchange. Strive to build high-quality and useful content that others choose to link happily.

Respond to a Popular Article

To build an engaged audience, you can share your opinions on a trending topic. It will help you establish authority. You can utilize mediums like blogs, videos, and podcasts to respond to a trending article. To find and monitor trending topics you can use Google Trends. Similarly, you can also discover keyword-based hashtag searches via social platforms viz. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

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Once you find a topic for writing an opinion piece or commenting, don’t forget to provide full attribution to the article author. Write a genuine and authentic response with links to your relevant content published earlier. The idea is to offer readers a comprehensive view of the topic that portrays your knowledge and authority.

Create Unique Visual Content

Unique visual content such as infographics and images can engage more audiences and attract quality links. You can use stock images to add weight to your blog posts and articles. However, the impact that unique images and videos can create is unmatched. It helps to establish more authenticity and authority.

Using original photos and images in your content makes it authentic and practical. It’s always recommended to use photos of actual people or products in your content. It will help you engage more people who will eventually share your content and acquire more links.

Visual elements like videos can be embedded in the content easily. They accelerate the level of interaction and value that eventually leads to more views, likes, shares, and links.


If you are striving to build authority backlinks without indulging in traditional methods, we have sorted here a few. These link acquisition methods are unique and innovative and can help you boost engagement and improve link acquisition opportunities. Once read, do not forget to tell us via the comment box the methods you use to build authority links.

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