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Website Redesiging Without Hurting Site Ranking

Tarun Gupta | Feb 8th, 2010 | Search Engine Optimization

Website Redesigning is a desirable practice in contemporary cyberspace. Since the internet is continuously evolving, it becomes imperative for the website to embrace and present the latest trends and technologies. This ensures a better, professional image of your business to your audiences and lets them know that you maintain pace with the changing times.

Unfortunately, this is not as smooth as it sounds. Changes or modifications in your website results in total upheaval in your search engine rankings. In fact, this is why most of the website owners are too hesitant to take up this step. However, with careful planning, appropriate SEO Services planning, apt Web designing techniques and adhering to key considerations, one can actually redesign his website and uphold its ranking on the search engine results as well.

Smart ways to redesign your website without touching its ranking

Avoid Launching a Total Revamped Version
Do not ever go for re-launching a completely revamped website as this may bring major fluctuations. However, if you take these steps slowly and steadily, the fluctuations can be escaped. As for instance, in case of modifying the layout of the webpage for the new CMS, you must first try to test its consequences through a mock up set. You may change to your HTML so that it presents the same appearance as that from the content management system.
One Step at a Time
What many website owners do is re-create their entire website in one-go and launch it at once. Unfortunately, the does not work at all. On doing such a thing, the website owner fails to recognize that which particular change resulted in ranking fluctuations. Hence, this is why it is important to take one change at a time and monitor its effects on the ranking simultaneously, while processing your website revamping. Also, take into consideration that your web experts provide in regarding SEO Services.
One directory modification at a time
In order to measure the results of the modifications made on the website, try to change one directory at a time and test its result. There are two ways to do this:
  • A/B Testing
  • In this procedure, you can test two or more versions of web pages so as to gauge the competence of each in bringing the maximum and relevant results. For this, you are required to create two examples of the potential web pages with dissimilar combinations of layouts and elements and find the one getting desirable results.

  • User Testing
  • This process needs to present a redesigned version of the web pages to certain segment of users and act in accordance to their reactions. As per their suggestions, you need to implement new changes with proper rectifications in your existing design.

In short, it is must to keep in mind that every step should be taken one by one and to make your redesigning process is an accomplishment. In fact, in order to do it correctly, it is advised to take suggestion from your efficient web designing company and expert of SEO Services so that SEO techniques responsible for getting your site ranked can be maintained as it is.

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