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Cutting Edge Strategies to Build Quality Links

Tarun Gupta | Dec 17th, 2020 | Search Engine Optimization
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Links are unarguably the building blocks of an SEO strategy. They are essentially the most important ingredient contributing to ranking organically. Links are now beyond a linking to pass link juice from one link to the other. Instead, it’s a vote of confidence to show your brand’s credibility and authority.

Modern Steps to Get Quality Backlinks

SEOs have meanwhile invented so many link acquisition techniques to grow their link profile. It included several ethical measure and a few black hat techniques too.

Over the years link building has evolved incredibly. Old practices turned obsolete and several new tested link building strategizes have arrived. As the level of competition escalated further and Google toughened its stand on link spam, it’s now even more difficult to get links from authority websites and reputed domains.

Existing outreach methods are still useful but with lesser impact. To grow your backlink profile further, you have to tap into the link acquisition methods as well. The article articulates here six top rated link building strategies that will be effective for sure in enhancing your backlink profile.

Produce link Worthy Quality Content:

Content never fades to its glory regardless of the trends come and go. A quality content that attracts and engages readers with its style stays relevant and evergreen. Good quality content never fails impress readers. In link building quality content is one that’s worth linking to.

Content must have one or many of the following attributes to become quality content. Content should convey a unique approach to the thought narrated through it and should be appreciated as an authoritative resource on the subject.

A piece of content is said to be the authoritative one if it provides users additional information about the subject matter they are reading. Brands and marketers want to link to such authority content.

Stick to top quality content that attracts quality backlinks. If you manage to rank the content in top results you can easily get those authority websites linking to you.

Focus on Public Relations to Acquire Powerful Links:

SEO and PR don’t have a correlation at all. But when you’re heading to building links relationships built via PR work magic. Contacting people via high quality PR is an important tactics used by marketers to build links.

Whether they are personal or in professional domain, relationships need to be mutual. Start with a focused PR outreach for better results. Prepare a list of industry influencers and people who are working in digital publications. Start contacting them and ask for backlinks.

But practice caution as sending email blasts asking for backlinks from LinkedIn or Instagram influencers can backfire. Genuine and mutual benefit should be the key behind any relationship.

Take one step at a go. Start gradually. Use social networks to connect with industry influencers. Share with them original content and ideas that they would like to engage with.

Use Guest Post Outreach :

Guest posting on other publications offers multitude of benefits for content marketers. Besides turning you into a thought leader and subject matter expert, it widens your reach and creates new link opportunities too.

Even Google confirms that Guest contributions are an effective way to enhance your website domain authority as long as it’s pursued ethically. A guest post solely focused at creating links is deemed spam.

While discovering publications for content publishing, choose one where your audience visits more frequently. Don’t produce worthless content that’s solely intended to get a link from the content body. Write for your audience. Stick to the quality and value proposition. An attention grabbing article can generate maximum linking opportunities.

Use Infographic to Generate Links:

Adding visual elements in content are a great way to enhance its value. Infographics can help you in this. They are used as a tool to engage more readers.

Due to the fact that creating original infographic from scratch is time consuming and resource intensive, marketers and writers tend to pull already created infographic. They use infographic links with proper attribution in their content. This is how in infographic has lately tuned into an effective link building tool.

Digital marketers can ignore the massive link building potential infographic can offer. It’s as effective as a solid piece of content written for acquiring links.

Reclaim Lost Links:

Another way to gain new link is by analyzing your own assets and reclaiming broken links. Run a scan to find broken and lost links on your website. There are various reasons why links could be disappearing. The linking page could have been redirected, unpublished or removed by the website admin.

You should leave no stone unturned to get those lost links back. Brands trusted on you while choosing you for linking. It’s really heartening if they find their links missing or disappeared for any reason whatsoever. It can damage your brand reputation as well.

You can take help of premium SEO tools like SEMRush or Ahrefs to discover which links you’ve lost and why. Now as you have a complete list of lost links, start contacting the webmaster(s) of respective websites. When sending the email, make sure your message is concise and to the point. Try to convince them why you’re still a valid resource for them.

Utilize Unlinked Mentions:

When it’s about acquiring backlinks, unlinked brand mentions are a worthy method. This opportunity emerges when your brand is mentioned somewhere as a resource but without a link. When your brand gets a mention it opens a straight opportunity for you to get a backlink from that source.

A mention in a resource indicates that they are seeing some value in your brand and offerings. To find your brand mentions you can take help of social media analytics tool, such as BrandMentions or Mention. As soon you find an unlinked mention, be quick in asking for a link from there.

Doing this on a semi-regular basis is a great ongoing method for building links and getting insight into what people are saying about your brand.

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