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What is Google Password Manager, Its Features and Pros & Cons

Tarun Gupta | Feb 8th, 2023 | Digital Marketing Resources

Google Password Manager is Google Chrome’s feature. As the name suggests, the password manager is used to securely store and manage passwords for websites and apps that a user frequently uses. The service stores the password in encrypted format in a user’s Google account.

It makes it easier for users to access the passwords on all their devices that use Google Chrome. Moreover, Google password Manager can also generate strong passwords on request.

Google Password Manager comes free with a user’s default Google account and is incorporated into the Google Chrome browser. The best part of the service is that it’s available for free and can be used with the default Google account. That means there is no need to create a separate account to use Google’s Password Manager feature.

Key Features of Google Password Manager:

Before using the service, it’s important to understand the best features of Google Password manager. It will help you in decision-making.

Security & Encryption-

Google offers strong encryption and security features to protect passwords. However, these features are not as capable as users get with subscription-based password managers. These password managers provide several layers of security and advanced security measures to encrypt server data.

Yet, Google password manager features a slew of unbeatable features that include sophisticated physical security, encryption techniques, and strong internal control measures. The tech giant puts in place other best practices to keep customer information secure and fully protected.

Renowned business brands are currently using Google password manager for email, email, cloud storage, web searches, and business services.

App Compatibility:

In a deep-rooted digitally driven world, people tend to access different apps and services (email, social media, bank accounts, and OTT accounts) across multiple devices. If a password manager service is used in these distinguished apps, the service must be able to accommodate as many avenues for use as possible.

Since Google’s password manager is browser specific, it’s very popular among users. It allows them to access the manager across devices regardless of the operating system being used. The only pre-requisite is a Google account and Google Chrome browser.

The downside however is that password manager doesn’t offer autofill password support on other browsers other than Chrome such as Firefox or Safari. If any apps or information is not accessed through Chrome, it won’t be saved in the password manager.

Usability & Ease of Use:

Google password manager is extremely simple to use. All you need is a Google account to access the password manager. There is no need to register your account to start using the service. If you already have a Google account, you can use the service.

If you’re logged into a Google account while using Chrome, you can see save passwords popping up at the top right corner. You can then choose to save details, forgo saving for now or block saving. Using the Google Password Manager you can generate passwords without any customizations related to length or content.

The user interface of The password manager is delightfully simple. The page showcases all active and saved passwords. The page allows users to use the password checkup option to ensure that passwords are secure.

Password Sharing:

Though password sharing is a required feature available for users with most of the subscription-based password manager apps and services, Google Password Manager does not offer any such feature. You can however copy the password and share it with your colleagues using different sharing methods. Sharing passwords this way seems is always unsafe and exposes passwords to hackers.


The pricing of the password manager significantly impacts the user’s decision to buy one. When it comes to Google password manager, it’s free to use the service for personal use.

Even with the free account, there will be no limitations and cappings on the features you can use the password manager. Being a service free to use, the password manager doesn't offer advanced capabilities for businesses. There aren’t even any subscription offers for family or team plans.

The bottom line is that Google password manager comes with no additional cost and comes without a paid version. And being open-source software, it’s updated constantly.

Google Password Manager: Downsides

Google password manager is considered a very secure service packed with zero-knowledge architecture, encryption methods, password-sharing security, and more. However, the company doesn’t elaborate on how the entire algorithm is implemented to keep the service safe and protected.

Another major drawback with Google password manager is that it doesn’t require a master password to unlock your password vaults. As soon you access your device and open Chrome, your passwords come out in the open. In case you leave your device unattended for some time, anyone can access all your passwords.

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