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Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still Essential

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With so many digital marketing methods in place, email marketing has witnessed a visible shift in the past decade. Recall the times when emails emerged being the most popular marketing medium, that business leveraged to send as many emails to their audience. It was the time when quantity took over the quality of those emails sent to the recipients. Lately, methods were evolved to keep the marketing spam free and within the purview of legal email regulations. It forced email marketers to keep their campaigns more appealing and creative.

The medium again experienced a sharp shift when digital marketing appeared to the marketers with a solid potential. Social Media Marketing professional started using Facebook and Twitter for most of their peer-to-peer communication, leaving the email marketing reserved for only business communication.

Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still Essential:

In addition, marketeers seemed more inclined to use mobile devices and preferred working on small screen instead of bulky desktop setup. The diminishing popularity of email marketing led to a perception that either it's on the verge of hostility or almost left merely a tool for fetching cold leads.

1. Emails Work Well on Mobile and Desktop

Your audience may have been migrated to Smartphones from Desktop, but, their attitude towards emails is remain unchanged. Essentially, emails and messages are equally dominant for audience engagement, but I prefer emails. Reading text messages become tedious if they go beyond the limit of the text length. This is why, marketers are bound to shorten their message to comply the length.

That makes the whole communication chaotic and confusing at occasions. On the contrary, emails may have unlimited word count that lets recipient get into the essence of that communication unambiguously. If given a choice between email and SMS, I prefer emails, as replying them doesn't cost a penny, but an SMS does.

2. People Like Emails< Over SMSes

Tell me any other method that stay you updated about the next digital marketing seminar in your town, its venue, details, invited guests and table of contents. Here, an SMS can't help. Such updates need series of emails that educate and engage the audience. Email sequences can pack a lot of good information, for both marketers and consumers.

3. Emails Convey Information More Diligently

Email marketing rightly complements all other digital marketing platforms. If you set to launch a social media campaign to promote your brand, you'll email your customers. A change in your PPC strategy would also require instant update to your clients via email, and the list goes on for webinars, branding and promotion etc. You can't tell me a better strategy than email marketing for solid customer outreach.

4. Cheaper Than Other Mediums

If ROI is all that you need, you can't beat email marketing. Being one of the most affordable modes of marketing, it reduces the extent of loss. Just compare it with other expensive marketing modes such as pay per click marketing or TV ads, if your campaign bombs, your loss doesn't turn into a disaster. Big thanks to its affordability.

5. Emails Have More Chances of Conversion

Even statistics back what I say. If they are to be believed, email marketing converts 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter. If you shoots off campaign with a perfect mailer content, captivating images and strategically placed call-to-action buttons, your email campaign will fetch amazing audience. It will improve campaign's open rate and click through rates as well.

6. Email Marketing Is Here To Stay

This could be a part of the story, that I am not going to believe at this point of time. I have stats to make you believe that email marketing is doing well, inhibiting greater opportunities for marketers and companies are seeing huge returns on their investment. The following points will prove email marketing a phenomenon, and a highly profitable method for earning ROI in 2016.

7. Email Marketing Is Growing

In a survey, conducted by Salesforce, it was found that 73 percent marketers claimed that email marketing was a crucial strategy for their business. The survey also disclosed that 59 percent of marketers are planning to increase their email budgets in 2020.

I'm not of a habit to follow people blindly and make a decision under influence of a popular perception, but these people have massive real experience with email marketing, thus, they are appeared to be true. I am seeing two important factors significant behind the growth – people have started opening emails over mobile devices that significantly increased open rates and options available to marketers are more diverse than ever.

8. Emails Still Build Relationships

The scope of emails have been increased beyond being sent to the audience inbox. Marketers are now using this method to harbor their marketing efforts and tying up all their campaigns together. If you have just finished your new blog, start sending snippets of that to readers to tell them you're ready with new one. If you've started a new social media or other campaigns, send emails to people inviting them to subscribe and engage.

9. Email Marketing is Still Affordable

Compare email marketing with other digital marketing methods you're known to, it's still cheaper and quicker. If you already have a validated email list of subscribers, get an email marketing service from a reputed service provider like and start buzzing your potential buyers. Additionally, investing a few hundred dollars on email lists can bring you hundreds potential new customers. Add more into your email marketing budget, get an engaging email design to present your brand. This is radically new way to increase both brand loyalty and engagement.

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We’ve used the personalization email strategy with great success, it has completely blown all of our previous email marketing campaigns out of the water in terms of response rate. I must recommend this email marketing strategy….

Hilton Wood Says:

Email advertising today is far not quite the same as 10 years back. Technology has everlastingly changed the way clients associate with organizations. Marketers hoping to draw in clients, separate their image, and develop their organizations need to live and inhale these five new principles of email marketing.