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Why SEO Campaigns Fail To Taste Success?

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Most of the SEO campaigns lose sight and crumble just because they are aligned with unrealistic expectations, budget constraints and strategic ambiguities.

Why SEO Campaigns Fail To Take Off?

Decisions taken on assumptions and misinterpretation of customer needs also lead to campaign death. Whether you hire an SEO Firm to lead your campaign or manage it your self, there are ways to determine if a campaign is on the right track.

You Probably Played With Unrealistic Goals

Success is a time taking process and takes time realize into the goals. It's crucial to trigger a campaign around some realistic aspirations. Realistic objectives always lead into the right directions. If you're running an e-commerce portal ranges in hundred of products, desiring top rankings for all the products at one go is something daunting. Rather expecting top ranking for everything you offer, optimize your portal for one product / service. Once you successfully achieve ranking for that product move onto the next product or service.

You Failed To Set Time & Budget:

Be ready for the major setbacks if you kicked off your campaign without setting its budget and time frame. Most of the business owners want results immediately without pouring enough budget into it. An SEO professional would be the right person with whom you can discuss budget an time frame for your campaign. If you're doing business in a relatively competitive industry, you need to invest more money and set extended time frame to taste success. SEO professionals need necessary time to test and make adjustments needed for a successful long-term SEO campaign.

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Campaign Optimized With Wrong Keywords

Most of the campings fail to take off as they are optimized using wrong or irrelevant keywords. If you're running your campaign by your own, research your target keywords carefully. Get help from some good and tested keyword research tools to find the best keywords suitable for your campaign. You may also visit your competitors website to explore their keywords that are ranking well in the search engines.

You Targeted The Wrong Audience

Failing to target right keywords leads to traffic influx that doesn't serve your purpose. It might be in form of no traffic or not the right traffic you're looking for. If your website's bounce rate for organic traffic is high, it suggests what they're searching for is not consistent with what they're finding there. Use Google analytics tool sort the bounce rate for organic visitors from other visitor types such as direct visits and referral visits, etc. If the bounce rate is more than normal, this means you may have a larger issue to address.

Your Website Didn't Help

Most businesses measure campaign's success with the conversion they achieve through their websites. Ideally, a professional website engages visitors on their arrival and crucial to a campaign's success. A dull and badly designed website discredits your brand and reduces engagement and conversions. Before launching campaign, see through following key parameters:

  • Is your website outdated?
  • Is it professionally designed?
  • Does it have a user-friendly navigation structure?
  • Is it responsive?

Your Content Was Dull And Added No Value:

The website content isn't merely an element to be typed and pasted over. A good content delivers value and bind customers. Writing only to appeal search engines is just a waste of time and resource. Content that fails to answer prospective customers' questions results in lack of conversions. It's important to put in place a strong content that answers questions and addresses your customers' issues. Your readers will appreciate this and will become your paying customers.

  • Karen Axelton

    Great analysis and exceptionally helpful for anyone new to running and reporting on SEO campaigns. Objectives should most definitely be set in order to achieve success.

  • Kevin Woods

    I agree with a lot of these, particularly with setting realistic goals, budget ,and time. It’s all about meeting client desires.

  • Shweta Sinha

    Picking right keywords is a major game.If somebody chooses right keywords for their site then may be that person will succeed in getting high rank.

  • Lokesh Bravo

    These tips are very much helpful to get more visibility and to run a successful campaign. And I’ll give a +1 to the second point which is correct and I totally agree with that one.