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Website Graphics: Things to Remember

Tarun Gupta | Sep 22nd, 2009 | Web Designing

Professional website graphics created by diligent web designing company can easily attract visitors and make your site stand out in the crowd. With enhanced look and appearance, it becomes easy for your website to entice visitors and generate more and more revenue.

It is a verity that website graphics play a very vital role in attracting visitors to your website and holding their interest for some time, and for this reason only, it largely facilitates the rate of your sales as well. The presentation of your website is the impression of your business, and hence, it is important for you to make the most of it. Ensure that both the quality as well as the positioning of your website graphics is pleasant, attractive and professional. In fact, let us take a few important requirements of an ideal website designing job in terms of graphics, into consideration.

Format of your Images: The two most popular formats used for website graphic are JPG and GIF. As both these formats take very less time in loading, most people prefer to use JPG format for photographs and the GIF format for buttons, logos or menu bars. However, with JPG format, developers have to keep in mind the fact that the format is a lossy compression; it tends to lose out some quality, every time when it gets edited and saved. Hence, it is advised to edit the image in its original format and then convert it.

The Positioning: The main motive behind launching any website is conveying and sharing some message around the globe. This message can either be informative or totally sales- oriented. In both the cases, it is essential to have easily readable content, which is an integral part of any website designing project. An extremely attractive way of presenting content is by breaking up the content with well positioned and relevant graphics. However, while adapting this Website Designing technique, you must ensure that your graphics compliment your text and do not mislead your visitor by any chance. Your reader must understand from your graphics what you your page contains.

Size of your Graphic Files: Technically, when an individual opens a website, the graphics of that site get downloaded on his/her system. Now, this downloading mainly depends on two factors; the size of the graphic files and the speed of your visitor’s internet connection. If a visitor has weak internet speed then your website will take long to download, causing the viewer to lose interest and most likely close it down. Moreover, the cost of running websites having many numbers of graphic files also increases.

Therefore, it is advised to maintain less than 50 kb of graphic files. Do not think about inches and centimeters but focus more on pixels since your web page is measured in pixels. Secondly, on most of the computers, the screen resolution does not exceed the limit of 96 pixels per inch. Hence, using a graphic with a resolution a resolution of 600 pixels per inch does not make any sense. And finally, in order to have an ideal website, ensure to keep all these factors in mind, while the process of your website designing is on.

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