SEO Process & Methodology

BrainPulse Technologies has been offering Internet marketing solutions for over 10 years now and with our experience we have crafted a unique SEO methodology. Our SEO Process defines a process through which, right from inception to execution all the crucial aspects of an SEO campaign are researched /studied and a complete SEO strategy is defined to set the course of the campaign for eventual results. Based on Google guidelines, our SEO methodology help us create Google Panda & Penguin compliant SEO services.

1. Starting With The Analysis

In order to begin with the search engine optimization of your website, it is important to comprehend the meat of your site. The meat is basically the elements carrying potential to affect your site's SEO.

Seed Keyword Driven Analysis :

Seeds are keywords that define the base theme of the campaign and lie on the top line in the keyword value pyramid. Using these keywords competitors are identified (Approximately 5 Competitors) across the web, through all major search engines. These competitors are then evaluated through various analytic metrics to understand their strength and pitfall in terms of both On-Page and Off-Page optimization.

Competitor Analysis Metric :

Understanding how and what your rivals are doing to stay in the online market is of upmost priority. Competitive analysis metrics are devised to help you interpret your competitor's search engine optimization strategy intelligibly.

On-Page Optimization Metrics :

Off-Page Optimization Metrics :

Self Comparative Analysis :

To compete, it is important to know where you stand when compared with your competitor. A similar exercise is conducted on your website to understand the key SEO variables to see how your website measures up against your competitors.

2. Formulating The SEO Strategy

Based on the above comparative study, an SEO strategy is devised in terms of both On-Page and Off-Page to ensure that your website has what it takes to get there (No.1). Our complete strategy is designed in accordance with the Google SEO guidelines and white hat SEO techniques to ensure utmost creditability.

3. Implementation

Now that you have built your search engine optimization strategy, it is important to focus on its appropriate implementation. Naturally, this too has a step-by-step SEO process that is required to be followed diligently.

On-Page Website Optimization
  • Initial Website Analysis and Research
  • Advance Keyword Research
  • Website Architecture
  • On-Page Optimizing as per Search engine algorithms
  • Exhaustive Keyword Analysis and Research
  • Content strategy creation and content optimization
  • Planning a flawless Website navigation structure
  • Meta Tag Creation and Optimization
  • Optimizing Website Code and HTML Markup
  • Integrating Social Networks with website

Off-Page Website Optimization
  • Earning quality links from high authority domains
  • Creating Local / Global Business listings in niche directories
  • Participating in niche social network (via blogs / forums)
  • Adapting and placing an engaging content marketing strategy
  • Establishing PR Media presence using quality Press Releases
  • Exploring social network landscape for effective Viral Marketing

4. Analytics: Campaign Monitoring & tweaking:

Once the targets are set and implementation embarks on, the web site starts performing better on SERPs rankings, click-through rates, web site usability and conversion rates. Using a combination of web analytics, compile report on how your website is performing from a traffic and conversion perspective.The enterprise class web analytics solution provides rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. It gives you a way to analyze your traffic data in an entirely new way. With Analytics, monitoring your reports and getting automatic alerts of significant changes in data patterns is ensured. Also, it becomes much easier to strengthen your marketing initiatives accordingly and create higher converting websites.

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