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Give an Extra Push to your SEO Services with Hosted Marketing Pages

Tarun Gupta | Mar 7th, 2011 | Search Engine Optimization

Hosted Marketing pages are cautiously, professionally written full page of search engine optimized content created in perfect blend with your services or products. These pages get placed on a genuine site having relevance to your offerings.

Hosted marketing pages (HMP) is an extremely intelligent and advanced SEO techniques employed to gain links since HMP links come your way unswervingly from sites of alike niche of your site. These pages are entirely different page on pertinent sites to yours and are completely intended to assist your site in search engine ranking. The HMP are made to talk in detail about your site.

The entire idea is supported by supplementary advertising pages, through which you can actually send a visitor to an internal page of yours rather than your website directly. Hosted marketing pages are also popularly known as pre-sell pages. Although it may sound like extra effort and more time-investment in your already existing SEO Services, it definitely is worth all of that. Moreover, the content that you present through these pages can also let you help the visitor go varied ways.

Also, you may attach your HMPs through a page having PRs and those cached in search engine(s). If you link your HMP with a cached page, you strengthen the chances of getting your pre-sell page cached soon, which eventually will let you make the most out of it. In addition, all the websites that are in charge of hosting your marketing pages will also have good page rank ranging between 2 to 5. No less important would be the count of backlinks ranging from 10 to 4000 and giving and extra push to your SEO services.

How do Hosted Marketing Pages boost my website's rankings and SEO services?

The whole process of Hosted marketing pages is all about relevant site and relevant pages. The concept is to have a page relevant to your keywords, hosted on a relevant website. Naturally, as expected, to have links on a relevant page hosted on a genuine site works wonders to boost up your rankings.
Content optimization:
Since the entire page is optimized by keeping mind your relevant keywords, the search engines get to view that page as an extremely genuine addition to your website. Availing links from ‘ideally’ relevant pages does it all that is required to increase your ranking powerfully.
Embedded Links:
In the process, the links to your website are genuinely embedded within the content of each HMP. These looks appear to be incorporated unintentionally and appear very purposeful. Also, these embedded links are expected to work more powerfully than the other kinds of links placed at the side or bottom of a page.
Another attribute clearly visible with HMPs are the fact that they rank themselves. Since these pages are completely optimized and own links coming to them, they tend to get displayed directly in the search engines result pages and send pre-sold traffic directly to your site. Most companies use HMPs to help their long tail get keywords get ranked. Also, it helps largely with the process of online reputation management.

BrainPulse, a leading SEO Company of India, specializes in boosting the effectiveness of your SEO services with the help of Hosted Marketing Pages, the most advanced technique of link building.

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