Hosted Marketing Pages

Hosted Marketing Pages are the latest and the most powerful link building techniques to aid your SEO campaign and increase your search engine rankings. HMP's are ideally optimized pages that are created with your keywords and are hosted on relevant websites with links to your website.

Hosted Marketing Pages Service Plans

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Note: Pricing is one time and totally governed by the pagerank (PR) and the ranking strength of the partner website.

Role of Hosted Marketing Pages in Search Engine Rankings

Off-page optimization plays a very important role when it comes to search engine ranking,
when it comes to talk about off-page optimization the algorithms of search engines are getting
stringent by the day in identifying good votes; thats exactly where HMP's takes the cake. Here
is what you get:

Flip Side of HMP's (Hosted Marketing Pages)

These presell pages have a high probability of ranking high on search engines as they are
hosted on good websites that have a credibility with search engines. So HMP's not only help
boost you rankings but can also get you indirect traffic from organic search results.

Note: HMPs can be availed as a stand-alone service.
In case you are intrested in our Top 10 Ranking Solutions then HMP's can be part of our SEO strategy to achieve rankings for a website depending on the competition.

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