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How to Select A Dedicated E-mail Marketing Server

Tarun Gupta | May 30th, 2013 | Web Hosting Resources

For an email marketing campaign, cost-effectiveness and high performance are the two primary factors, email marketers now start thinking around. The growing number of emails and expansion of the marketing campaigns dimensions has led to the inclusion of dedicated email marketing servers across the organizations. This is probably the new buzzword for the industry and pertinent subject matter indeed that I am going to discuss now.


Growing Demand Of Bulk Mailing Servers

When you subscribe a bulk mailing server from a Web Hosting Company, you bring in an amount of business advantages together. If your marketing campaigns are big and you want to send across thousands mails a day, you need to hire a dedicated email marketing server in order to run your e-mail marketing campaigns efficiently. A server assists clients to send bulk mailers to their potential audience base in order to connect more and more people with the campaign. There are a number of business advantages that a dedicated server may deliver to the clients.

  • They can have their own servers for sending mass mails.
  • Service providers set up the server for the clients.
  • They enjoy full control over your email campaigns.
  • They can manage your campaign from own dedicated IP address.


Why To Choose A Dedicated E-Mail Marketing Server

Dedicated Bulk Email Marketing Servers

For email marketers irrespective of their strength and capacity, performance, deliverability and privacy are the core issues during an e-mail marketing campaign. A shared server can never exhibit the result the way a marketer expects. That is where a dedicated bulk mailing server comes to the rescue. These servers are deliberately designed for the organizations who want to focus on their email marketing core issues.

High Availability:

Irrespective of the service provider who offer these dedicated servers, every server ensures high availability and no disruption at all. It seems a great advantage when system administrators spend a good amount of time in managing mail on Linux servers or Windows shared servers.

High Resource Allocation:

When you subscribe a dedicated mail server, you can easily manage the number of growing users without concerning a bit. You can easily escape the menace of network errors when your user base grows to 2000 from 200 during peak hours.

Secure and Confidential:

All the mails sent using the Dedicated Servers are fully confidential and provide full security and privacy to each mail. Using privacy mechanism and spam filters servers make sure that mails are not mishandled in any way.

Standard Utilities On Offer:

A well-managed dedicated server offers numerous utilities and features to the clients. I am listing here a few that must be there as standard inclusions.

  • You can easily integrates these with CRM systems.
  • Built-in FTP for easy file upload.
  • Linux or Windows Operating System.
  • Easy synchronization with other applications.
  • Fine tuning of mail servers.
  • Enterprise level features with comprehensive mailing list.
  • Maintenance, backup and 24x7 monitoring.
  • Limitless data archiving.
  • CAN-SPAM compliance.


Qualities Of A Dedicated Email Server Provider

Beyond all the discussions going over, a service provider is an entity that matters the most. Unless a service provider is willing to offer you the best, you can't imagine a successful campaign. That is why you should be cautious while choosing one among the various quotes available. Below illustrated are a few important deliverables you bulk mailing server provider must accommodate.

Improves Your Profits:

A service provider where you host your dedicated server, comprise a competent team of server experts who are proficient in server security, management and backup issues. It gives you enough time to think and strengthen your administrative decisions and business activities. When you choose a right service provider, you can promote your professional brand in your email campaigns in the most effective manner possible.

Exceptional Market Expertise:

An ideal service provider stands updated with the market trends. They enable clients to send high-volume email campaigns that reach million buyers at one click. They sustain dedicated bandwidth that helps to execute multiple email campaigns in diverse customer segments.

Audience Targeting:

In order to see the campaign success, it is very important to reach your target customers. An experienced dedicated email marketing server provider helps you to do this specifically. They take advantage of a tailored proprietary software that enables them to segment customers on the basis of a number of factors and demographic details.

Security And Privacy:

Most of the dedicated server providers offer these services under the robust Data Center that are highly secured guarded. This ensures that the campaigns must not pause or breached due to extrinsic or intrinsic interventions. Privacy features are very helpful in minimizing intentional leakage of sensitive data to unauthorized third parties.

IT / Customer Support:

A campaign may face hurdles due to a variety of reasons that need to be resolved on asap basis. A professional service provider has an in-house team of web support professionals who are skilled, reliable and experienced in managing your servers. They take over the responsibility of managing and controlling your IT operations under a very stable and responsive environment.


Although there is an endless list of service providers available on the web, you should choose one like BrainPulse that provides fully managed, scalable and completely secure dedicated servers. These servers are specifically designed and exclusive to your business needs. It gives your business required resources and the infrastructure you need to execute email marketing campaign services.

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