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Why HTML5 So Revolutionary

Tarun Gupta | Oct 23rd, 2013 | Web Development Resources

With the advent of numerous computing devices, the user browsing experience has become the core objective of any website. I have already told you about the Responsive Website Designing that bridges the gap between two browsing devices.

The technique enables web designers to develop and design a range of uncluttered websites that functions well in any device irrespective of screen size, resolution and other compatibility terms. HTML5, the brain behind the responsive sites is the latest edition in the HTML family. This new entrant into the family complements emerging demands of new age websites. It offers a basket of advantages to the web developers in terms of modern needs and expectations of websites. In comparison to its antecedents it delivers a lot to the users.

What HTML Really Offers To The Web Designers

If you are a dedicated web designer, using HTML5 to develop responsive site is a cool and awesome idea. There may be a list of points I can put here to endorse this version of HTML as a game changer but let's think of those attributes that I feel have the far-reaching impact.

The Acceptability Quotient:

HTML5 is quite suitable if all you need to develop the most accessible sites. This technology has two major additions namely semantics and ARIA. The newest version of HTML has some existing and a few new additions such as < header >, < footer >, < nav >, < section > and < aside > . All these tags help screen readers to access content easily. With new semantic tags screen, users and code readers can examine the HTML document and ensure a better user experience. HTML5 has already validated attributes such as header, footer, navigation or article, via role attributes.

Awesome Audio/Video Support:

If you are one among them who are mad about Flash Player and other premier third party media players, HTML5 brings you an entirely systematic approach to access your favorite media players to play your audio/video using new HTML5 < video > and < audio > tags. Now using < embed > and < object > tags users can assign a huge list of parameters that work to fetch the audio video data.

Clean and Consistent Code:

For all those Website Development Services experts who appreciate concise and clean code, HTML5 is the best solution for you. With a number of tags and attributes it extends an opportunity to write clear and descriptive code that separates meaning from style and content. By offering the new < section >, < article >, < header >, < footer >, < aside > and < nav > tags , HTML5 is all set to cleanse your markup and organize your CSS.

Specific and Dynamic Interaction:

In the era of digital marketing, better and dynamic user interaction is the key. HTML5 is the new entrant that helps websites to respond to the user in an effective manner and let them interact with your content. The tag with the name Enter canvas>, allows you to perform a number of activities altogether to give your dynamic website a new look and mechanism to interact. This new guest brings in several inbuilt APIs with it such as Drag and Drop (DnD), offline storage database and document editing etc.

Better Cross-Browser Support:

The best attribute that HTML5 carries is its ability to offer cross-browser support. It supports all the next generation browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari IE9 and Opera and the HTML5 doctype are equally used by all these browsers. HTML5 turns functionalities more easier and cross browser friendly so that they can be equally functional in all the browsers.

Going Great With Mobile Browsers:

Now mobile devices have become the buzzword and its compatibility with the web designing service tools is a cause for concern. But thankfully Geeks take HTML5 as the most mobile ready tool in mobile websites and Mobile Apps Development. With the sudden demise of Flash, HTML5 is going to be your next companion for mobile web application development. The existing mobile browsers are completely compatible with the HTML5. If experts are to be believed it contained tags like Viewport, Full screen browsing and Home Screen Icons that assist you to optimize your mobile websites for the these browsers.

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how i made
assotechbreezegurgaon.net this website mobile responsive.
i have used css3 and html5 template for this site.
but it is not opening properly in mobile.give any sussetion pls.

thanx in advance