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Top SEO Myths Webmasters Need To Understand

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Consulting a SEO firm or SEO experts is not everything until you are fully careful about the ranking campaigns being run for your website. Don't be blindfolded by the people about the SEO techniques used for SEO purposes but you need to be also aware about the myths and facts prevalent in SEO regime.

To getting higher search engine rankings, companies and corporate obtain services of the expert SEO professionals and consultants. They suggest them proper mechanism to involve best practices in Search Engine Optimization Process in order to achieve top ranks in the popular search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). Since most of the clients are not technically skilled to eye on strategies, SEO Professionals adopt to work on their websites, they believe on them without reason. This article is noway intended to pinpoint those SEO giants and their strategies during the process but it's all set to make you aware about the reality behind the facts prevalent in SEO regime. The motive behind the writeup is to let you involve with your website bit technically. Grasp this article and try to get the real notion behind the facts.

Myth #1: SEO specific landing page apart from the home page is required :
Many SEO people argue about their client's desire to add an additional SEO rich landing page in addition to the basic home page in the primary website. This seldom request is only beneficial in the case of Google Adwords campaigns and trust me it's really irrelevant in case of organic SEO. If a landing page already exists in your website don't waste your energy in adding other.
Myth #2: Optimizing one keyword per page helps :
Many SEO people believe that optimizing a web page on the single keyword benefits as it allows an opportunity to put clear focus on that one keyword phrase. Let's think out of the bottle. Many content writers believe that writing a web page to promote a single keyword troubles them a lot. They find it difficult to allow a natural flow of the content across the page. So, rather fighting for single keyword per page, invite 2 or 3 keywords in the page to be optimized. It helps you to have more targeted traffic for sure.
Myth #3: Avoid HTML tables in the pages :
Very irritating notion that amuses me. Several times I come to know from SEO people to avoid using HTML since they feel that this could prevent search engine crawlers to crawl pages in complete efficiency. No need to panic. In no way a HTML made table chokes the search engines in their crawling process.
Myth #4: Image links don't help:
Another miss-assumption that badly affects your website's visibility prospects is speculations over induction of image links in the website. You must not spoil the beauty of your websites by removing images with proper links and navigation structure. All you have to consider is using the same words you will use in your anchor text links in your image alt attribute.
Myth #5: Don't use flash:
You could certainly create a website in flash, but experts wont suggest a website with full flash features. Using a bit of flash may add some cool effects in your website without affecting you search engine rankings. Use some important contents as flash and specially alternative text for non-Flash-enabled browsers.
Myth #6: Guaranteed Top ranking:
SEO companies usually publish ads that guarantee top and sometimes #1 rankings in popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Certainly this assertion has no breath as search engines algorithms could only be followed not concurred. It simply means that with good and performed SEO strategies, an SEO firm or an SEO expert could rank you on top, however when it comes to guarantee top position in the search engines, it merely possible.
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