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Top SEO Tools Every Search Marketer Should Know

Tarun Gupta | May 15th, 2019 | Search Engine Optimization
Top 10 Best SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization is evolving at a rapid rate. Strategies that worked fine years ago are now outdated. The industry has adopted AI and Voice search to scale the level of results delivered. As the SEO war is intensifying every second, only the right analytics tools and perfect optimization strategies can help you to up your SEO game.

Top 9 SEO Tools for Marketers

If you have just started with SEO (I assume), the following are the top 9 SEO Tools that will help you to achieve fantastic results.

1: Google Analytics

I am a diehard fan of Google Analytics. I have used dozens of free and paid tools to scale my SEO game, but no tool could match the level of efficiency GA delivered. Digital marketers / SEOs across the world trust Google Analytics to generate different website matrices.


GA unearths many crucial details about your website such as several visitors, traffic sources, bounce rates, and CTRs. Once you have these details, you will be more equipped to alter your digital marketing/content marketing campaigns. Google Analytics Reports can help you find out what works and what doesn’t.

2: Moz Bar

MozBar, a tool provided by Moz, is a free SEO toolbar used by millions of SEOs and digital marketers worldwide. This is a Chrome toolbar that provides users access to advanced metrics on web pages and SERPs. Using the MozBar toolbar, you can access the DA of a given website right from the page or site.


MozBar’s Page Analysis feature can help you discover more about the page elements such as markup, page title, general attributes and link metrics. You can also find the list of keywords on a page you are viewing and highlight and differentiate links.

3: SEMRush

For keyword research, SEMRush is an incredibly powerful tool. The tool performs some keyword-related functions and tells what keywords any page on the web is ranking for. Input a desired keyword, and the tool populates comprehensive information about those keywords. The report includes the keyword’s position in SERPs, the URLs to which they drive traffic, and the traffic trends over the past 12 months.


The tool provides a deeper insight into keywords your competitors are ranking for. Once you find your competitor’s ranking keywords, you can produce awesome content targeting those keywords. The tool packs a wide range of premium features in the paid version.

4: Check My Links

As the name implies, Check My Links is a specialized link analysis tool. It’s available as a Chrome Extension. The tool scans your webpage and presents a report about all the links available on the page including those intimidating broken links. The tool presents the report in the form of status codes where each status code is color-coded. Once the tool identifies the bad links, you can copy those on the clipboard.

5: Google Search Console

The Google-owned Google Search Console is one of the best free SEO tools available. By using the tool, webmasters can monitor their websites and see various reports showing their website’s presence in SERPs. You must understand that GSC isn’t a prerequisite for indexing your website into Google’s search results and rankings. Rather, the tool provides a handy way to understand how Google and its users view your website.

6: KWFinder


KWFinder is an ideal tool to find long-tail keywords with a lower level of competition. The tool offers big help to markets to find the best keywords and generate analysis reports on backlinks. The tool has an in-built Rank Tracker tool that helps you monitor ranking while tracking past improvements.

7: Ubersuggest

The Ubersuggest, developed by ace digital marketer Neil Patel is a popular keyword finder tool. The tool provides marketers the ability to find keywords and the top-ranking SERPs for them. The tool populates suggestions for short to long-tail phrases so that you can find the right key phrases to use on your website.


Based on the keywords provided, Ubersuggest generates report based on multiple metrics including keyword volume, competition, CPC, and seasonal trends.

8: SpyFu:


SpyFu is an incredibly popular SEO tool available both in free and paid versions. For beginners, its free version offers loads of features that you can use to build your SEO campaigns. Over time you can switch to its premium version. The tool tells the number of times a keyword gets searched each month. You can also determine a keyword’s difficulty in ranking.

The tool even helps you to determine the keywords your competitors are ranking for. The tool presents crucial data about organic keywords they have and how many monthly clicks they get.

9: Woorank

Woorank is a top-rated SEO analysis tool. The tool is available for users in both free and premium versions. With either option, marketers can track and report on their marketing data. Just input your competitors’ site and within seconds the tool will fetch the list of keywords they are targeting. Once the reports are out, you can dive deeper to discover how keywords perform over time.

The tool puts forth the metrics where your website is lacking in terms of technical and content aspects.

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