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Important Factors To Increase Conversion Rate

Tarun Gupta | Apr 18th, 2012 | Digital Marketing

There is no guidebook to increase conversion, but online marketers have definitely worked out some strategies that present very strong chances of attracting as well as converting more customers.

For contemporary Internet Marketing services providers, the job does not end at search engine ranking and traffic, it goes much beyond that. The experts today understand the necessity of working on the idea of conversion. Also, they have realized that along with SEO and Internet Marketing Services, they must also work on conversion techniques in order to churn out more and more conversions.

Taking over the responsibility of managing traffic that lands on your website is a big task to accomplish Hence, in this article, we are going to work out some solutions that will help to increase conversion and sales. To do so, we need to take in action some areas of transactional sites, and also need to learn some genuine tips on places where conversion has scope for improvement.

Techniques to Increase Conversion Rate

More results :
When a visitor on your website searches for something, make sure to return multiple results. As for example, instead of 5 pages, list down at least 10 pages. Make sure that every page within your website that has that particular keyword, should get displayed. The change can result in a considerable bump in conversion at 50 results and another bump when moving to endless scrolling. However, there is a warning attached to this step. While adding more pages and increasing the count of results, one has to ensure that the increase is not impacting the page load speed. On Internet, nobody likes to sit and wait and hence, your slow load speed may create an adverse effect and compel potential customers to leave your page before they have even clicked through.
Clear Pricing :
Obvious but Often overlooked. The issue of presenting clear, easy to understand pricing is very important. A good pricing structure may instantly convince a visitor to get converted into a buyer. Clear display of price helps the customer to take take the decision immediately. In fact, price should be displayed everywhere with the product, including the search results. Also, ensure to use bigger and clear font for pricing. The step will surely end up increasing your conversion rate.
The highlights :
Things such as special offers, special discounts, rebates, seasonal offers, coupons, limited stocks should be highlighted. In addition, a sense of urgency should also be created by pointing out details like – 'offer ends in two days' or offered till stocks lasts'. Such urgencies hit the competitive spirit of the consumers.
Good Content :
Whenever we talk about Internet, content is going to be there. Here too, the key to keep a consumer stuck to a page, you need to offer good content. For example if it is a product, then make sure to have all the content in place. Product images, product specifications, product price, product reviews etc, should be placed on one page.
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These are only few techniques that the Internet marketing Services providers perform under the heading of conversion. In addition, one should also have a hold on conversion optimization, conversion testing and online reputation management to significant jump in overall conversion rate.

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